The Bailey Kids

I got to meet Jaxon & Harper Bailey a couple months back when their sweet mama, Linzi, wanted their precious pictures made. Linzi is sisters to one of my favorite child-hood friends, Kandis (Alderman) Brothers & I was so excited to reconnect with their family! Our moms keep in touch better than any of us. They're in a "mom's of kids from 2004" Bunko group, or something of that nature. The rules are, you have to come but you don't have to play. Rumor has it they spend most of their time catching up on all us kids & sipping tasty beverages instead. Now knowing about the festivities, I mentioned the idea of a 'bring your kid to Bunko day" since most of us are the reasons our moms know each other anyway! We'll see if that happens; sadly, I think they manage just fine without us. Taking pictures of Linzi's growing family was so fun. Her kids are so well behaved, & that Jaxon is going to be a little heart breaker!! Enjoy.

life's a flash, capture accordingly.