Emily + Stephen

I'm aware that it's a major give away how behind I am on blogging when it's the dead of winter &  I post pictures with beautiful green ivy & lush golden light. I may be backed up on blogging, but it's somewhat of a blessing because it's reminding me of that beautiful time of year that's just right around the corner! Looking through these images is sparking my inspiration for new ideas this spring and I catch myself day dreaming of sunny evenings with greener pastures. Emily & Stephen are high on love and it's so adorable to watch. Emily and I were fellow Kappa's together at Tech and it was so much fun to reconnect through our photography session. Her bridals are just around the corner and I can't wait to see this girl in her beautiful dress... of course you guys will have to wait until AFTER the wedding day...but for now enjoy these two love birds from their sunny engagement session from back this fall.

life's a flash, capture accordingly.