Sarah + Matthew, a Dallas Wedding

This wedding was lovely in every way. I'm currently a big fan of succulents, earth tone linens, and shades of poppy splashed with Tiffany blue. Sarah and Matthew are a match made in heaven. In fact, Matthew is the cousin to one of my best childhood friends, Meg. We used to always joke about the Hall brothers who happened to be twins and whose pictures were displayed on their family fridge. Since 7th grade, all of our friends secretly had imaginary weddings planned with one of the two. When Sarah asked me to photograph her wedding I had never met the groom. We had our initial meeting and she showed me a picture of Matt and I just knew he looked so familiar. Ha, little did I know he was the man behind that very refrigerator picture at Meg's house from so many years ago!! It is such a small world and I feel so fortunate to know Sarah. She and my brother were friends all through school and she is a true gem of a bride. She is so soft spoken and as sweet as she looks. It was a joy to be at their ceremony, as it was one of the sweetest I've seen yet. Thank you both for including me on your wedding day and best wishes in the future!