Beauty & Brains

One of my best friend's, Nikki, built a new house and moved in a few months back... With a new house comes new neighbors, which let's face it, is often a crap-shoot. Luckily though, Nikki was placed  on a street across from a sweet little blonde named Amy, who seriously has to be the coolest neighbor ever. The girls hit it off instantly and turned borrowing eggs from your neighbor a thing of the past... they share more fun things like wine & dinner :) Amy is a dermatology resident here at Texas Tech and get in line people, she's got quite a following already! Nikki and I call her first when we need skin remedies & beauty treatments!! Amy is not only obviously brilliant but she is beautiful too (and domestic! she even made hot apple cider for our second location in the cold!). I've had fun getting to pop in on her & Nikki on occasion and wishing I was their neighbor as well... mainly because they cook and drink together :)

Amy  called to set up a Christmas gift of family pictures for her mom & dad. She arranged the whole thing and I was totally flattered to be a part! I had met her parents briefly one time before but this time I actually got to know them and her little sister. This family seriously fell straight off of a GAP ad. I mean all beautiful, all energetic, all classic, all fun. I had a blast with them. Thanks for thinking of me Amy!!

Meet the Wolthoff family:

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