Charla + Jon

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There's nothing better than loving new clients within the first 20 minutes of meeting them.  Jon, Charla & I met over a beer (and no, that's not what won me over) in Dallas a few weeks back before we headed out to take their adorable engagement photos. Within the first hour of knowing this couple, I decided that they had fallen straight out of a romantic comedy. They're funny, witty, charming, and very easy on the eyes! They're very in love and truly compliment each other perfectly. They had me laughing so much that I suffered from some camera shake on one or two outtakes (and no, that's wasn't from the beer either). They both live and work in Dallas and will be getting married this March in Fredericksburg. Turns out we have a lot of friends in common and from the looks of it, will probably become friends as well! I'm SO excited to be a part of their wedding day, and absolutely LOVE their style. The place they are having the wedding and reception is called the Hoffman Haus, and is hill-country-rustic meets Anthropologie. I know, it sounds perfect right? I cannot wait to photograph is and report back after their big day, so stay tuned all you fashionista people....and enjoy this fabulous couple's engagement session!

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