Alicia + Keith

I had the privilege of photographing Keith & Alicia in Midland last month. I'm  obviously out of order and behind on blogging my most recent sessions (I've got about 15 new & really fun posts I owe you guys! They include seniors, graphic design jobs, kid & family sessions, vacations, kitchen remodels, two baby nurseries I've designed, & two fun baby showers I've been a part of, so stay tuned). Now you know why I've been MIA, but trust me, I plan on getting this little blog caught up to speed very soon!! Keith & Alicia are in my husband Ryan's medical school class at Texas Tech University. We got to spend more time with them when they were here in Lubbock their first two years, however now they live in Midland for years three & four. Keith was part of the Intramural Softball Champion Team, (yes, medical students can be athletic & TTU's 2nd year guys dominated all of campus last year). Both Keith & Alicia are sorely missed by all of us still in the LBK,  but I did love getting to travel to Midland as it's always a good excuse to go stay with my sweet mother-in-law! Keith & Alicia are "parents" to one of the sweetest dogs ever, Jake, who makes a few star cameo appearances in these shots. They are a fun loving couple and will no doubt have very athletic genius babies one day :)

In the meantime, I'm so flattered to be a part of their engagement. A big thanks to Keith & Alicia for thinking of me to take their engagement session! Enjoy the images.

life's a flash, capture accordingly.