Tribute to T Lazy T Ranch

Our family ranch caught on fire in post last night, and to my dad's disbelief the cattle, houses, & his beloved excavator were left untorched, eeer untouched. My dad made a brief cameo appearance on FOX KJTV34 this evening describing what happened. He attributed the cease of the fire to the amazing men who were called to fight it in the middle of the night. Luckily no one was hurt, and my dad got rid of some extra (and very unruly) mesquite :) My dad is basically MacGyver & John Wayne built into one. When he isn't saving lives at his day job as a surgeon, he is home on the range putting out wild fires & raising cattle. If you don't know my family, especially my dad, you may be wondering why this is blog worthy....however... The T Lazy T ranch is like a big brother. Born before me in 1984 it has been home to some of our favorite Thames memories, many of which have occurred during our annual round ups. Round Up 2011 took place last month and all of our family was a part of it! Literally my sister's in-laws & my in-laws included! Both my sister & I got seriously lucky in the in-law department and had a blast sharing our family memories with relatives old & new. I took a few snap shots & video clips to share. Keep in mind, I'm still in the experimental phase with my camera's video, but I'm having a lot of fun making these little montages!

Click Link to Watch Round Up Recap

The pictures posted are just quick snapshots of all our family!! Another fun weekend at the T Lazy T.