Inscriptions on the Boulevard

I mentioned that I had worked with Inscriptions on the Boulevard recently and I'm so excited to share this post!!! Sarah is one of my new friends here in Fort Worth and I'm obsessed with her store. They have a bit of everything for everyone. From paperies of foil, letterpress and pre-printed cards to baby books and gifts, Inscriptions is truly a one stop shop for the modern socialite. They have Jon Hart and even my favorite baby bath product, Noodle & Boo! Seriously such great variety. I'm pretty much obsessed with anything letterpress right now and was so excited to photograph some of Sarah's favorite designs for her upcoming ads. Go check out all Inscriptions has to offer, it's a really great place to start your holiday shopping!!

it's not just about photography.

Lately it seems I've been so busy with photography that I've neglected my inner designer.... Well, truth is I do just as much interior design work as photography, however each design project takes so much time and labor, that there are less opportunities to blog those topics. Also, with design, each part of the project goes through certain phases that aren't ready for public critique. I've learned with photography and especially design, that even though you have an image in your head, it doesn't mean anyone else understands the same projected outcome until it's complete. THAT my friends is why, I will always wait until a project is completed before I blog it. Design is like art.... it goes through a lot of messy phases, before it becomes a piece of distinction. With that being said, here is one of my most recent custom furniture pieces. The client wanted something custom because of certain size requirements that the space demanded in her bedroom. The piece is to have a flat screen TV mounted above it, and each of the upper "drawers" (which are really hinged panels that allow easy access to the TV's components) have wiring capabilities  for the digital technology required for the television. Also, the components to the TV are nicely screened behind poultry wire, which still allows a signal to pass, but camouflages the not-so-attractive cable boxes within the piece.

I designed this piece using my autoCAD program and had it built locally. Then when the construction was complete, I custom painted it to work with the client's new bedding, which was designed by All About Looks here in Lubbock.

Design is such a fun and innovative way to explore new possibilities for every aspect of our homes. Most say that form follows function, but I think it is imperative that they remain equal in mind when designing a custom piece. Without proper form, what good is function? Think about it.

Completed Custom Piece

Custom Piece Under Construction

Drawing of Custom Piece

Dimension Plan of Custom Piece

Life is in the details, design accordingly.