Jaclyn + Cody

Jaclyn and I met when I moved to Frenship back in the 5th grade. I've discussed my awkward turtle years before, but let me paint you a picture.... I was about the same height I am now minus 75 pounds.... skinny, lanky, uncoordinated, you get it.... Jaclyn was a natural born athlete. In Junior High I somehow managed to make the "A" team in basketball. When I knocked someone down I would apologize and help them up.... That defensive/aggression thing never was my style. Jaclyn was amazing though. She totally ruled the court and went on to be quite the basketball star all through school. I on the other hand made the switch after 8th grade to cheerleading- a safe bet for us side-liners.... Jaclyn and I both shipped of to the University of Texas in 2004 to embark on our new "independent lives" as college students. We lived in different dorms and saw each other at the occasional fraternity party. We still keep in touch, but not enough! I was SO excited to get to catch up with her (and get to know her main man, Cody) in Austin. Jaclyn got in touch with me a few months back about potentially shooting her wedding in Jamaica. JAMAICA?!?! Yes, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since! Her and Cody are having a stunning Martha Stewart style destination wedding next June and have invited me to be a part of it all! Of course all good weddings start with a fabulous engagement. The two make such a great couple. They are real and genuine and there is nothing I love more! Stay tuned for bridals and their spectacular beach wedding to come!

Meet Jaclyn & Cody

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