I was so excited a few months back when an old friend of mine who moved to Paris reached out with a fun blogging opportunity. She works for a really great Paris-based company called Melijoe which sells a fantastic array of kids apparel from an impressive list of high-end designers. She offered to send a few little goodies for my boys to try out, and it's safe to say that I was ecstatic when I saw that some of them were Burberry. Let's be honest, buying Burberry for my babies isn't really in the cards for me at this stage in the game.....however, I was very relieved to find that Melijoe has an incredible range of price points on their site and offers something for all fashion-forward kids regardless of their mama's budget. They offer everything from Versace to Vans and many other designers I could only dream about my kids wearing (I mean Oscar de la Renta...for kids...who knew?!). I think the good Lord knew I should only have boys at this stage in my life....could you imagine if I had daughters to dress?!

As a mama, I know many of us want to pull out all the stops and outfit our kids in the best of the best while still being cognizant of price. Melijoe truly offers endless options for parents with all different budgets and kids with all different styles. Be sure and check out their adorable back to school apparel- you can thank me later! 

Part 1: Boys in Burberry

Burberry Parka  |  Hunter Boots


Part 3: Burberry at the Beach