Jack Newborn

I really mean it when I say that the baby bug must be in the water! It has been a season full of newborns all around. Between friends, clients, & family (yes I'll be an aunt in 3 days!) babies have been all the buzz this season. There is nothing more quintessential to spring than the thought of new life, and boy has this spring been full of it! I've loved every newborn session I've had the privilege of doing, especially baby Jack's! Mary Kathryn Strong and I have gotten to know each other through the "Lubbock loop" and she is one of my new favorite people. It really started when we hit up the same Zumba class at Studio 57, but has since moved from ethnic dancing to backyard beer dates!!

The Strong kids are both adorable, and even though Jack is the new baby, his big sister Evelyn continues to steal the show. She is the MOST precious thing ever. The first time I met her she was full of all sorts of inquisitive questions. She covered everything from "my pretty wedding ring & who bought it for me" to "where my house sits".  She totally won me over and she is very socially wise beyond her years. We're buddies now.

Meet the Strong Family:

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