Zucarelli Lifestyle Shoot

Meet Addy Rose. A precious baby girl as sweet as her name. Her mama (and my beautiful friend) Ashley wins the award for creating the cutest nursery wall motif ever. I'm obsessed with the modern geometric print behind the crib and seriously couldn't get enough of it during our shoot. Our super talented friend Hilary (owner at Baby by Design...the most fabulous contemporary baby boutique in the metroplex) is responsible for many of the adorable furniture pieces in this hip little baby's space. Congrats Zucarelli family, you guys did so good!!

Welcome Baby Isla

My beautiful cousin Kristen and I went through our first pregnancies together. We literally had our babies Olive & Rhett within two days of each other! I've always looked up to Kristen growing up and it was such a blast having her as my "pregnancy oracle". Our first two years of motherhood have been much the same as I follow along her path of what's trending in toddler land. She's a fantastic researcher and has fabulous taste so I always trust her opinion!! The Buchanan's welcomed their newest bundle of joy Isla (I know, Olive and Isla, doesn't get any cuter right?!) just last month. I was so honored that she asked me to photograph her precious growing family. Love you guys so much!!

Robinett Twins

I adore this beautiful family so much. Traci and Clay have been some of my sweetest friends and clients since the early days of my business in 2010.  I'm so thankful for their support and beyond excited for their adoooooorable family. Traci, you were the most elegant pregnant mama and your precious babies are the stuff dreams are made of. You guys are twice blessed!! Meet baby H & G.

Baby Ainslee

This little angel baby is as sweet as they come. There are few things in life more precious than newborns, so I was of course thrilled to snuggle with baby Ainslee a couple months ago. I've been so focused on weddings this past year, I've not taken time to blog my family & newborn sessions. I hope to catch up in the coming weeks to share the beautiful family sessions I've had the privilege of photographing this past year. Also, check out the adorable custom wall-art that HAD&P designed for behind baby Ainslee's crib.

custom wall art designed by yours truly

Happy Birthday to Rhett

Where has the time gone? How is this sweet baby of mine already one year old?! I can successfully say that the past year of our lives has been the most fun-filled, action-packed & meaningful 12 months ever. This precious baby boy has taken our world and shaken it up to mean so much more. I've never felt so fulfilled and happy as I am being a mom to this amazing little man. Rhett, being your mommy is the most challenging and exciting job I've had yet. You are the happiest kid I know and I'm convinced, the most energetic human on the planet. You say mama, dada, ball, bye bye, & oooohhhhhh a lot; you love baths (especially with your cousin when you can have splash attacks). You are in the 99th percentile for height; the 95th percentile for weight; and your head is still a tater tot at the 93rd percentile. You are 25.11 lbs and I'm really ready for you to walk because I can barely carry you. I'm convinced you know how, because we have plenty of video proof, but I think you like tricking us so we carry you everywhere. The doctor thinks you'll be drafted by the Cowboys, but your dad is hoping for the Broncos; regardless, we can't hope for either until you start walking. You are a mover and a shaker and changing your diaper is like wrestling a small alligator. You've fallen off the bed once (my bad) and bumped that rather large (but very cute) noggin of yours a number of times. You love to "answer the phone" and sing "la la la". You enjoy food like your mama and when it's something really tasty you love to dance in approval. You look like your dad, my dad, and your great G-Dad (which is a fantastic combo) and I'm very grateful for your sweet personality. Your daddy and I are beyond proud of you and not a day goes by where we don't thank our lucky stars you're all OURS! We celebrated your first birthday party in style. When your name is Rhett Rowland, you have to have a "Railroad" themed birthday party! We had a blast celebrating the first year of your life with our closest friends, family, sweet neighbors, new friends & old. You had about 50 people to sing you happy birthday and then you got to dig into a smash cake all to yourself. We are beyond thankful to both of our families for helping us prepare for this big day. You are very loved sweet boy.

You are my world sweet boy! Love you.

Rhett Kingston

Well it's safe to say things have changed around here. Since you've seen me last we've had a baby, moved to Fort Worth, and Ryan started his orthopedic residency. If you're wondering why you haven't seen any updated blog posts in the past three months, it's because this little man has been keeping me plenty busy! Between traveling, moving, birthin' babies, and starting new jobs, life has never been sweeter. We are so blessed and grateful to announce the birth of our son, Rhett Kingston Rowland. Above is his birth announcement, which many of you will receive in the mail. I just had to post a sneak peek because knowing me, it might be a few more days before they get addressed!! I'm so glad to be back in action and I'm excited to start this new chapter in Fort Worth. I'm still traveling back to Lubbock quite frequently for shoots, so please don't hesitate to book a session with HAD&P regardless of where you're located!! I'm looking forward to playing catch up on all the fabulous posts I've got in store!

ready and waiting

BOY how life has changed!! Literally.... we are having a baby boy here any day now and we are anxiously awaiting his arrival!!! I just wanted to post a few pictures of his nursery before I go into labor, because who knows when I'll be back to my computer after that!! I'll admit that I'm nuts. Ryan and I are moving to Ft. Worth here in a month and I still thought it was imperative to paint & decorate the nursery. I admit I've got a problem, but let's face it.... I'm experiencing what they call "nesting".  It's a new mom-to-be's biological right of passage. Pregnant women out there everywhere, please back me up when I say that if we could bottle up this energy and sell it, we would be rich! I caught myself cleaning out underneath my bathroom sink the other night until 2:00 in the morning, just to wake up at 8:00 the next day to continue the insanity. I can't help it- between washing the baby's clothes in Dreft to decorating a room which will be dismantled within the month, I've truly gone "prazy".  (that's pregnant + crazy). I've got to thank my incredible mom for helping me so much in the nursery and putting up with my antics! She and I have had the best time brainstorming each angle of the room. The crib was a gift from both of my parents and my amazing mom made the curtains and some of the baby bedding herself!! My grandmother also hand-stitched some love into the baby bumper giving the bedding a totally custom look. The bookshelf was first in my mom's room when she was a kid and  I've since robbed it from my brother's room and repainted it to match our little man's stuff. The ABC wall and his initials posted over the bed were custom drawn on my CAD program and cut out of wood & then painted to match. All we lack at this point is our sweet baby, and possibly a rug, and a chandelier, and a.... oh no, will I ever be finished?!?! haha. I plan on sharing many more images from our pregnancy, including our gender reveal, baby showers, maternity pictures & much more... but for now, enjoy this sweet nursery, because in five  years it will be all sports posters and sweaty boy stuff....right now though, it's mommy's way or the highway!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Madeley & her many hats

Things have been so busy on the work front lately that I've noticed I haven't been sharing my favorite things on the blog as much- my fabulous FAMILY!! My favorite new member, Madeley, is my precious niece. My sister Ginger & her husband Brett really hit the jackpot with this kid. You may think I'm lying or being a partial aunt, but she is as close to perfect as any baby could be. She RARELY cries, is always smiling, and has never met a stranger. This past weekend she had the entire section of every restaurant we ate at wrapped around her finger. She's a doll and I'm SO glad I can call her my niece!! You may remember her big debut into the world back in May. If not, you should check out this blog post and be sure and watch the video if you have a minute.... maybe it's because I'm pregnant and it's my family, but it still makes me cry every time!!! I love this kid and I'm already feeling sentimental seeing how much she has changed in the past 9 months. My mom has gone into full grandmother mode and picked up knitting. Between my mom and her friends, Madeley has a hat for every occasion!! Here is a brief recap of the divine miss Madeley Marie McDowell.


Sweet Davis at Six Months

One of the obvious perks of my job is meeting awesome people and getting to work with them on a reoccurring basis. Elisabeth Burrows is an entrepreneur/creative guru herself and I have loved every minute I've spent with her. She is one of those inspiring people that really makes you wonder how she does it all. Her sweet little man, Davis is rapidly growing before our eyes, and I'm so flattered that she has chosen me to document all the precious stages he's gone through so far. You may remember them from their ADORABLE newborn shoot. Elisabeth is the one who designed the INCREDIBLE jungle-themed nursery that I still believe needs to be published in a design magazine!! This Christmas-inspired session is from back in December when Davis was 6 months- I'm sure he has already changed since, but for now, enjoy this sweet little man and his fabulous parents. Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Davis Newborn

Hands down this is one of my favorite newborn sessions yet. I'm embarrassed to say, these images are from back in July...but that's just a little hint on how behind I am on the blog front. Elisabeth Burrows is one of my new designer crushes. She used to own the cutest retail store in Lubbock a few years back and has the most incredible taste. I showed up at her house to take her sweet baby's newborn pictures and instantly could see her love for interior design. Her nursery could (and should) be published. She's got a great knack for details and I couldn't keep my lens off all the adorable pieces that make her jungle-style nursery a "whole" lotta-fun. Her baby Davis was such a good newborn and was patient with my photographer a.d.d. for the day. A big thanks to College Flowers for the beautiful floral arrangements for our shoot. Meet the Burrows: Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Hill Maternity, Newborn, Announcement & Nursery Decor

I've been so excited to blog this session, but in classic HAD&P style have found myself behind on the social media aspect of business!! Lauren & Chad Hill welcomed their precious son, Hudson Hill, into the world in August. Lauren trusted me with their maternity pictures, newborn pictures, baby announcements, and some fun wall art in their nursery. I love when I get to work with someone on so many aspects of a project, because it really makes for a more consistent end result. This sweet family is so precious and I enjoyed working with them on every step of the way!! Welcome to the world sweet baby Hudson.

Lauren & Chad Maternity:

Hudson Hill Newborn:

Hudson Newborn Announcements:

Hudson's Custom Wall Art:

I drafted the custom damask shape from Hudson's bedding into CAD and had it extracted with a laser cutter. We painted and glued it together and displayed Hudson's cute name underneath it for a totally custom look!

life is a flash, capture accordingly.

HAD&P Featured on Life and Baby!!

Exciting news!! Heather Ann Design & Photography is going to be featured all week on the parenting go-to-blog, Life and Baby!! I was thrilled when the blog's developer, Evelyn, contacted me to feature a few of my baby related posts. Stay tuned this week for nursery decor, shower inspiration, & all things baby!!

The McDowell Family + 1

As you all know, I'm an aunt now, and obviously loving every moment! I blogged Madeley's newborn session a couple weeks back and promised you more to come.... well here it is...more sweet moments of miss Madeley's birthday! I wasn't going to blog all the intimate details, because there are some things in life that are better left private, but proud parents (and grandparents) have given me permission to share this adorable little video & some candids of the week Madeley was born. Don't worry, I've screened images appropriately! Here's a brief peek of the absolute joy that we all got the pleasure of experiencing a few weeks back. Follow this link to view the (very amateur) video. I'm still a "newby" with the video on my camera, but find these little video montages quite addicting when it comes to capturing family memories. Hope you enjoy these moments of the most precious new addition to our family!!

Click here to see Madeley's Birthday Video!

We have yet to finish decorating the nursery, however the rocker Ginger is sitting in above is our Nanny's rocker that she AND my dad were rocked in as babies. So precious.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Madeley Marie McDowell + Newborn

It's finally arrived! I'm an AUNT and there's NO going back. I've been awestruck by my new niece, Madeley, ever since she was born May 17th. She is the most perfect, precious, living thing in my world right now, (sorry Emma, but babies take precedence over dogs). Perhaps my special  bond with my new niece is all in my head, which seeing as how she's an infant with no way of developing any sort of attachment with anyone outside her mom and dad at this point, it probably is. BUT one of these days, when she needs some new Tori Burch shoes and those fabulous Stella & Dot earrings she'll be drooling over, her aunt Heather will get her then!! Yes, ma'am I plan on spoiling this one pretty rotten, it's just my nature! I was truly SO blessed to get to watch Madeley come into this world. Her amazing parents (my sister Ginger & her husband Brett) wanted her birth to be documented, and I was the lucky girl behind the camera! I was fortunate enough to capture some of the most incredible moments of her awaited arrival. I'm putting together a little something special for that post, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here are a few snap shots of Miss Madeley on her world debut. Hope you enjoy, I know I sure have!

Madeley at about 7 minutes old!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Jack Newborn

I really mean it when I say that the baby bug must be in the water! It has been a season full of newborns all around. Between friends, clients, & family (yes I'll be an aunt in 3 days!) babies have been all the buzz this season. There is nothing more quintessential to spring than the thought of new life, and boy has this spring been full of it! I've loved every newborn session I've had the privilege of doing, especially baby Jack's! Mary Kathryn Strong and I have gotten to know each other through the "Lubbock loop" and she is one of my new favorite people. It really started when we hit up the same Zumba class at Studio 57, but has since moved from ethnic dancing to backyard beer dates!!

The Strong kids are both adorable, and even though Jack is the new baby, his big sister Evelyn continues to steal the show. She is the MOST precious thing ever. The first time I met her she was full of all sorts of inquisitive questions. She covered everything from "my pretty wedding ring & who bought it for me" to "where my house sits".  She totally won me over and she is very socially wise beyond her years. We're buddies now.

Meet the Strong Family:

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Ryker Newborn

One of my good friends Amanda Schaefer, and husband David, recently welcomed their new bundle of joy, Ryker William Schaefer, into the world on March 31, 2011. Amanda is one of my first friends in Lubbock to have a baby, so I've used it as a learning experience of what's to come as I prepare to be an aunt in 5 days!!! Since I'm self employed I luckily have the ability to create my own schedule, which gives me time to see Amanda and Ryker once a week or so. I've been able to watch every step of Amanda's pregnancy and witnessed how she has gracefully blossomed into a fabulous new mom. She's done it like a champ and handled everything with poise.... including the projectile poop experience we had during our precious newborn session... babies are cute- but they are dangerous weapons with pinpoint precision. Meet the adorable baby Ryker:

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

The Rogers

David & Jenni Rogers called me a while back to help them with their new home. I consider myself more of a draftsman, working mainly on line drawings for remodels & new construction; however, David & Jenni's decorating job was too great to pass up! Jenni & I have very similar taste, with the main difference being I'm beige and predicatable and that girl loves her some color!  She has actually rubbed off on me somewhat and now has me thinking about adding a splash of color to my own house! Ryan of course has vetoed that based on practicality purposes.... My design projects are so much fun, however, as all interior designers know, it can be like watching molasses dry. No matter how prepared you are, things will come up, items will be backordered, and the thing you love most may simply be out of budget.... I think one reason I love photography so much is that it is instantly gratifying and very fast paced.  It's a great balance with my design work, as it keeps my impulsive side sane. David & Jenni's house is still in progress & turning out just how I had hoped! I'll show you the full home as soon as everything is complete, as I've mentioned before I rarely show design projects before they are finished. However, I have one part of the house that is too great to wait, the new baby's nursery! David & Jenni have been expecting their new baby for as long as I've been working with them. They wanted the baby to be a surprise, but they wanted the nursery to be super cute. I was thrilled beyond belief when they hired me to take on the job of the surprise nursery. This would mean I would be the only person besides the doctor who would know the sex of the baby! I worked up two schemes for the nursery based on Jenni's favorite bedding options, one for a boy & one for a girl:

We met to discuss the pros & cons for each, and the next week Jenni gave me a sealed envelope containing the sex of the baby! You have NO idea how pumped I was for this project (especially since my sister is having a surprise baby in a month and wouldn't let me do this for her)! I felt like I was on HGTV's, "While You Were Out". I had literally three weeks to order all the bedding & accessories...thank goodness it was all in stock!! I got the call that they had gone to the hospital on Tuesday, and by Thursday afternoon the walls were painted, bedding installed, & all accessories were placed. It was one of the most exciting projects I've worked on yet! I made the owls to go over the crib on CAD (my architectural drafting program) and had them cut out of a laser cutter. I painted them to match the bedding & hung the baby's name below! It was a very budget cognizant way to go about wall art!

James David Rogers III, aka Tripp's nursery before

I was able to re-paint these fun frames from Etsy to coordinate with the colors of the pictures I had taken the week before

custom line drawings of owls to match bedding for behind crib

Custom owls designed & painted special for Tripp

Framed fabric behind the rocker is an affordable way to introduce geometric patterns for wall art! Oh and my amazing mom made that custom owl pillow on the rocker.

This is a sneak peek of what's to come for the Rogers' fabulous entry!!

We had left over wallpaper and put it to good use in the hallway off of the dining room
* * *
We took their family pictures before baby Tripp was born but after I knew what "he" was to be! It was the hardest thing to not drop any clues! Luckily I was able to pick the locations based on the colors we were to use in the nursery...bright bright bright (which both schemes were to be full of color, so I felt safe choosing fun walls downtown)! However, Jenni just happened to show up in bright orange & green, she must have had that mother's intuition that it was going to be a boy! Here are the images we got of Peyton's 2 year pictures, Jenni's maternity, & the whole Rogers' family! I've truly loved working with them and feel blessed I've gotten to capture these milestones in their life!

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Baby J-Gray

Ok, I know I talk about baby fever on my blog enough to make everyone think I'm actually getting it.... truth is- it's not my fault. You spend an afternoon with the most handsome, adorable, sweetest, loving baby in the world and tell me if you don't get a slight bit of baby fever as well! Meet John Grayson Zachry.

Mom: Allison Zachry- beauty, brains, amazing faith, fabulous mom, personality, SHE has it all.

Dad: Casey Zachry- good looking, smart, athletic, full of faith, fun loving, HE has it all.

They are both engineers and have been married I believe for three years now. They are parents to the cutest baby on the plant, Grayson, and are currently living happily ever after. They live in Midland (home town of my husband) and when we visit his family they are a regular stop we make! Recently Alli asked me to help her with some design decisions around her house, and I was VERY willing! Allison has spectacular taste (and it always helps when the designer and client have similar styles!) The Zachry's house is full of warmth. Seriously as cheesy as this sounds, they are straight out of a novel. The picture perfect family and the perfect house to match! Grayson's baby nursery (I believe) was even featured in a local Midland magazine. Makes you wonder why she needs me right? Casey & Allison are some of mine and Ryan's best friends in the world. No matter how long we go without seeing them, it doesn't take much to catch right back up. Now that they have Grayson, I feel like I've been visiting more frequently! Babies change too fast, so we just have to visit more often I suppose :)

Last time I was there I stole Grayson for a miniature 20 minute session to get some festive fall pics.  Enjoy!

life's a flash, capture accordingly

Babies anyone?

So after the recent news that my sister and good friend Amanda are both pregnant and expecting within a month of each other, I have been on the baby circuit. NOT that I want one yet- because I don't know how another eating, breathing, living thing would fit into my crazy life at this point (I mean my adorable husband is enough to take care of right now!) However- being the sister (and friend) of a pregnant woman is one of the best roles I've played yet. Why so stoked you may ask? Because you get all the excitement of the pregnancy without any of the nausea or swollen ankles. I'm getting to help both of them plan their nurseries, baby showers, and take their maternity pictures, yet I don't have to change the dirty diapers....although I'm sure I'll get stuck with a few of those :) BUT even that I don't mind! Just the smell of baby skin alone is enough to make me want one----errrr....think about wanting one! Ok, so maybe I am getting some side effects of baby fever..... but don't tell my husband. Oh and speaking of side effects, I decided to gain 5 lbs. along with my sister just to be supportive.......or that's what I'm telling people anyway.... ;) Enough of my baby brainstorming and back the sweet baby that this blog post is actually about! My darling friend Lindsey recently called me wanting pictures of her adorable baby girl. She lives in the Ft. Worth area which was perfect because I was able to pair a few more remodel jobs with Lindsey's photo shoot while I was down that way. Lindsey is one of those girls that just keeps getting prettier each time I see her. When we were 10 I remember thinking how stinkin' beautiful she was and let me tell you, the girl is still the same.

Lindsey's mom became very sick when we were in college and moved to Houston to undergo treatment there. Lindsey, being an incredible daughter, followed her mom and attended U of H while caring for her mother. She showed such courage and grace and never batted an eyelash to what her role was at that time. While in Houston, Lindsey was swept away by a handsome football player Cody. They dated, fell in love, got married, had a baby, and are currently living happily ever after. Lindsey's sweet mother Pat past away previous to the birth of Lindsey's baby... and ladies, grab a tissue... She named her baby Patricia Lyv as a namesake to her mother....doesn't that just give you goosebumps?? She is an incredible person and has the most PRECIOUS daughter ever. Meet Lyv.

life's a flash, capture accordingly