Babies anyone?

So after the recent news that my sister and good friend Amanda are both pregnant and expecting within a month of each other, I have been on the baby circuit. NOT that I want one yet- because I don't know how another eating, breathing, living thing would fit into my crazy life at this point (I mean my adorable husband is enough to take care of right now!) However- being the sister (and friend) of a pregnant woman is one of the best roles I've played yet. Why so stoked you may ask? Because you get all the excitement of the pregnancy without any of the nausea or swollen ankles. I'm getting to help both of them plan their nurseries, baby showers, and take their maternity pictures, yet I don't have to change the dirty diapers....although I'm sure I'll get stuck with a few of those :) BUT even that I don't mind! Just the smell of baby skin alone is enough to make me want one----errrr....think about wanting one! Ok, so maybe I am getting some side effects of baby fever..... but don't tell my husband. Oh and speaking of side effects, I decided to gain 5 lbs. along with my sister just to be supportive.......or that's what I'm telling people anyway.... ;) Enough of my baby brainstorming and back the sweet baby that this blog post is actually about! My darling friend Lindsey recently called me wanting pictures of her adorable baby girl. She lives in the Ft. Worth area which was perfect because I was able to pair a few more remodel jobs with Lindsey's photo shoot while I was down that way. Lindsey is one of those girls that just keeps getting prettier each time I see her. When we were 10 I remember thinking how stinkin' beautiful she was and let me tell you, the girl is still the same.

Lindsey's mom became very sick when we were in college and moved to Houston to undergo treatment there. Lindsey, being an incredible daughter, followed her mom and attended U of H while caring for her mother. She showed such courage and grace and never batted an eyelash to what her role was at that time. While in Houston, Lindsey was swept away by a handsome football player Cody. They dated, fell in love, got married, had a baby, and are currently living happily ever after. Lindsey's sweet mother Pat past away previous to the birth of Lindsey's baby... and ladies, grab a tissue... She named her baby Patricia Lyv as a namesake to her mother....doesn't that just give you goosebumps?? She is an incredible person and has the most PRECIOUS daughter ever. Meet Lyv.

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