Stacy + Brandon

I have been antsy to share these pictures from Stacy & Brandon's engagement session but have waited because I wanted them to be the first images shown on my new blog! Stacy called me recently to inquire about a wedding photographer and we ended up clicking (yes. pun intended!) like we had been friends all along. I'm super excited to photograph their wedding this coming summer and am having a blast getting to know them in the meantime. Stacy and Brandon are seriously one hot couple. Yes, I know it is so cliche to say "Oh, their so in love, blah blah blah.... but seriously, the way these two look at each other is enough to make a girl crave a good Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy! Stacy is a hoot and I can only imagine the fun we are going to have getting ready for the wedding. I'm so pumped to be a part of this amazing time in their lives, and am even more grateful to have two new friends. Enjoy! life's a flash, capture accordingly