Taylor + Craig

This sweet couple makes me so happy. Craig and my husband Ryan went to medical school together back in Lubbock and were fast friends. Between their love for sports, orthopedics, and all things masculine I could never really get a word in edgewise. Craig lived with us for a short time while he was here in Fort Worth for a rotation last fall and would talk about his sweet Taylor frequently. I was so thrilled when our subject matter shifted from ESPN to his love for this girl!! When I got the news that they were engaged to be married I was so excited!! You guys are seriously adorable. Can't wait for many more memories to come!!

Bethany, Dallas Maternity

This sweet mama-to-be has been a dear family friend since I can remember. I was so excited to hear that she was pregnant and wanted to get together for photos of her precious growing baby bump! Bethany is a total doll and is seriously as sweet as she looks. We went to White Rock Lake to shoot some beautiful scenic photos and she was totally game. Between the heat, the bugs, and the itchy grass, Bethany had NO complaints!! I asked her to stand next to a tree with beautiful ivy growing up the trunk, & I remember saying jokingly, "watch this be poison ivy". Neither of us had ever had a one on one encounter with this ferocious plant, so we were truly clueless. You can image my horror when this sweet lady, who is seven months pregnant, texted me two weeks later to check and see if I had any funny spots on my legs. She then proceeded to send me a picture of a very angry rash all over her poor pregnant ankles!! As if being pregnant isn't hard enough! I felt so horrible, but Bethany assured me she was in NO pain and that the doctor said there was obviously no threat to that sweet baby. We can sit back and laugh about it now, well almost laugh- Bethany may still be itching her ankles, but I'm thankful we got such beautiful images despite the poison ivy fail.

Amanda Lubbock Bridal Photography

Well, hello 2013! You certainly snuck up on me!! 2012 was filled with more excitement than I could have imagined, and I fully intend to post a recap of all the wonderful blessings and adventures that it had in store. Life has become sweeter and business has certainly blossomed! I have continually been humbled and graced by each one of your friendships and support. The HAD&P 2012 recap will be coming soon, however until I get myself organized enough to dive into the year behind us, please brace yourself for the fresh faces of 2013. Meet Amanda:

I had a wonderful time celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Reid Lindsey in Lubbock this weekend and have been counting down the days until I could post this lovely bridal session. Amanda, I adore every detail of your bridal couture. You are certainly beautiful inside and out & I still can't believe we've been friends for upwards of 15 years. This session was made possible by the wonderful planning of Elisabeth Burrows & the absolutely beautiful home of Kelly Marble. Thank you both! Best wishes to my sweet childhood friend, you are truly loved by many!

Elizabeth + Ryan

Another one of my precious fellow KKG sisters is tying the knot!! I absolutely love this darling couple and it was such a fun evening photographing them out at White Rock Lake in Dallas. They brought their sweet chocolate lab all the way from Longview to be part of our shoot!! I love catching up with old friends during the peaks of their life, and I'm absolutely blessed to call this a job. Elizabeth and Ryan are getting married this coming March in Longview and I can't wait!!


Amanda and I go way back.... well, way back to our Texas Tech sorority days where we were Kappa Kappa Gammas together. I was ahead of Amanda in school, so when I was placed as her "big sister" in the KKG house I was thrilled!! We were both part of the "Kappa Pickers" (a cute little KKG choir group) so we got to spend time during rush goofing off with sing-a-longs and guitars. Once we were officially coined as "big & little", we started hanging out even more. The night of our big sorority formal we went to dinner where I was shocked to find out that even though she was a grade below me, she was actually older than me!! Ha- so we determined that from that point on I would be her "big-but-equal-sister". Amanda called me a few weeks back to take her graduation pictures... We did the traditional cap & gown for the scrapbooks, but also did some portfolio type shots for fun... This girl needs to be a model, she's an absolute beauty!!

Enjoy the fabulous Amanda Sue...

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Madeley Marie McDowell + Newborn

It's finally arrived! I'm an AUNT and there's NO going back. I've been awestruck by my new niece, Madeley, ever since she was born May 17th. She is the most perfect, precious, living thing in my world right now, (sorry Emma, but babies take precedence over dogs). Perhaps my special  bond with my new niece is all in my head, which seeing as how she's an infant with no way of developing any sort of attachment with anyone outside her mom and dad at this point, it probably is. BUT one of these days, when she needs some new Tori Burch shoes and those fabulous Stella & Dot earrings she'll be drooling over, her aunt Heather will get her then!! Yes, ma'am I plan on spoiling this one pretty rotten, it's just my nature! I was truly SO blessed to get to watch Madeley come into this world. Her amazing parents (my sister Ginger & her husband Brett) wanted her birth to be documented, and I was the lucky girl behind the camera! I was fortunate enough to capture some of the most incredible moments of her awaited arrival. I'm putting together a little something special for that post, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here are a few snap shots of Miss Madeley on her world debut. Hope you enjoy, I know I sure have!

Madeley at about 7 minutes old!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Ginger Maternity

My sister Ginger is going to be a mom in 10 days! In 10 days her life will go from peaceful evenings & bubble baths to sleepless nights & diaper rash. Yes, it's the final countdown to those sweet baby sounds, nursery rhymes, & little giggles which in turn means dirty diapers, endless feedings & tender nipples! All jokes aside, I'm elated about becoming an aunt. It's got all the perks of motherhood without the medical bills & temper tantrums. My sister and I are day and night. She's the practical stern one, and I'm the laid-back carefree one. I've always had a slightly more nurturing nature in comparison, so my family jokes that her kids will come crawling to my door for gummy bears & hugs.

Ginger & Brett are going to make the most amazing parents. I cannot wait to see the two of them raise an adorable little family in their adorable little town, Boerne (aka- Pleasantville). My mom, sister & I all had the most fabulous day taking Ginger's maternity pictures around Boerne's precious streets. We dipped into a mexican food restaurant for a few quick shots &  a couple of margaritas. Not alcoholic shots, photographic shots.... oh and don't worry...Ginger didn't get a margarita...the wonderful joys of pregnancy.

Ginger & Brett decided to have the gender of the baby be a surprise.... how fun right? WRONG. For someone as controlling as myself this past 9 months has been a roller coaster of it's a girl, it's a boy, NO! It's a girl? Tricky these surprises. I've decided the people that like surprises are obviously the ones that don't have to plan the nursery or the baby showers. Ginger asked me and my mom to decorate the nursery & boy has that been a task... Uh-Oh, I just said boy.... does this mean something? Nah- The day Ginger told me she was pregnant I said, "AHH!! I think it's going to be a girl on May 17th!". Come to find out, the due date is indeed May 17th, and the gender... we shall see!

I hope you guys enjoy these images as they are such a symbolic start to a new chapter in all our lives. That baby is going to rock our world & I can't wait. I love it already.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.


My cousin Braden is seriously the cutest thing ever. She's involved in almost everything her high school has to offer, but her main passion in life is acting. This girl has the most animated & captivating personality of almost anyone I know, yet still remains humble! She's quite the thespian and excels in every role she plays. She's my youngest cousin, and since I don't have a little sister I've always really valued our relationship. She lives in Ft. Worth, but was in town a couple weeks back and was interested in taking new head shots for her future career in acting. We had a blast during our quick session & I was so happy to contribute, after all, she's going to be famous one day! Her name is Braden Wilkerson, and she is truly a name to watch. Enjoy.

Introducing Mrs. Kevin Koronka

Yay!!! So I can finally add a blushing bride to my ongoing portfolio! I was so thrilled when one of my high school friends, Meg Hall, asked me to take her bridals in Dallas this past December. Meg has always reminded me of Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, I don't really know why, but if you knew Meg and watched the movie you'd get it. She's got class & a witty sense of humor mixed with a little side of sass, and well- it just doesn't get much better than that. I knew that Meg would bring something fun and innovative  to her wedding attire, and she did not disappoint! Besides her amazing dress, she rocked the coolest blue shoes embellished with peacock feathers! I mean seriously, who else but Meg would think of that? Her wedding took place in Dallas and we would not have MISSED it for the world!! The ceremony was something straight out of a movie with the maid of honor (and sister Melissa) singing a solo that sent goosebumps through the congregation. The reception at the Magnolia Hotel was just my style equipped with an open bar and macaroni & cheese station. Our group closed down the reception and found our way to the Iron Cactus for a little post party. Two other high school friends (Jaclyn, who's engagement session I did back in the fall) & Lindsey (who's baby Lyv stole our hearts from her session in October), their significant others (both of which are named Cody), my mom and I then proceeded to close down the restaurant at 2:00 am. Such a fun night, and I'm so pumped I can finally post Meg's bridals- it's official. Meet Mrs. Kevin Koronka:

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Seriously Stunning

Brace yourselves... The photos below contain my seriously stunning sister-in-law, Taylor, and may take your breathe away :) All jokes aside, Taylor lives in Ft. Worth and last time we were in Vegas for a family vacation we (Taylor, me, and both our moms) took advantage of the beautiful ambiance and did a little mini "fashionista" shoot. It was fabulous to have 4 creative minds work together with such a gorgeous model and spectacular venue!! My mom, who dabbles in photography herself, was handy to have around for photog questions, while Susan was thumbing through high fashion magazines for ideas! We sipped cocktails (which let's face it, always helps with the creativity side of things) and had the BEST time. I'm so lucky to have such a cool family!

I've been on Taylor's case now for a good 6 months about pursuing a modeling career. Let's face it, the girls' got it. More than that though she is such a fun sister to have! I've never had a little sister so Taylor serves as my surrogate  "lil sis"... we like to leave the "in-law" part off! I'm going to make this one short and let the images speak for themselves. Leave Taylor some love on the comment section below!! Let's get this girl a career!

I've made you all wait for the full round of edits, but as promised, here they are- enjoy.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.