Bethany, Dallas Maternity

This sweet mama-to-be has been a dear family friend since I can remember. I was so excited to hear that she was pregnant and wanted to get together for photos of her precious growing baby bump! Bethany is a total doll and is seriously as sweet as she looks. We went to White Rock Lake to shoot some beautiful scenic photos and she was totally game. Between the heat, the bugs, and the itchy grass, Bethany had NO complaints!! I asked her to stand next to a tree with beautiful ivy growing up the trunk, & I remember saying jokingly, "watch this be poison ivy". Neither of us had ever had a one on one encounter with this ferocious plant, so we were truly clueless. You can image my horror when this sweet lady, who is seven months pregnant, texted me two weeks later to check and see if I had any funny spots on my legs. She then proceeded to send me a picture of a very angry rash all over her poor pregnant ankles!! As if being pregnant isn't hard enough! I felt so horrible, but Bethany assured me she was in NO pain and that the doctor said there was obviously no threat to that sweet baby. We can sit back and laugh about it now, well almost laugh- Bethany may still be itching her ankles, but I'm thankful we got such beautiful images despite the poison ivy fail.