Introducing Mrs. Kevin Koronka

Yay!!! So I can finally add a blushing bride to my ongoing portfolio! I was so thrilled when one of my high school friends, Meg Hall, asked me to take her bridals in Dallas this past December. Meg has always reminded me of Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, I don't really know why, but if you knew Meg and watched the movie you'd get it. She's got class & a witty sense of humor mixed with a little side of sass, and well- it just doesn't get much better than that. I knew that Meg would bring something fun and innovative  to her wedding attire, and she did not disappoint! Besides her amazing dress, she rocked the coolest blue shoes embellished with peacock feathers! I mean seriously, who else but Meg would think of that? Her wedding took place in Dallas and we would not have MISSED it for the world!! The ceremony was something straight out of a movie with the maid of honor (and sister Melissa) singing a solo that sent goosebumps through the congregation. The reception at the Magnolia Hotel was just my style equipped with an open bar and macaroni & cheese station. Our group closed down the reception and found our way to the Iron Cactus for a little post party. Two other high school friends (Jaclyn, who's engagement session I did back in the fall) & Lindsey (who's baby Lyv stole our hearts from her session in October), their significant others (both of which are named Cody), my mom and I then proceeded to close down the restaurant at 2:00 am. Such a fun night, and I'm so pumped I can finally post Meg's bridals- it's official. Meet Mrs. Kevin Koronka:

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