Whitney, Dallas Bridals

Hands down, Whitney is one of the most thoughtful brides I've ever had the pleasure of working with. This sweet girl booked me a year before her wedding and within the past 12 months I feel like we have become more friends than colleagues. Whitney is such a genuine spirit and always goes out of her way to make sure I feel appreciated. She is no doubt my most organized bride and made each of our collaborations effortless and fun. I was honored to photograph her wedding this past weekend, and cannot wait to share the beautiful images soon!! Whitney, I'm so sad you're no longer a Texas girl, but I know we will stay in touch for years to come. You are a true joy and I'm so incredibly thankful we've crossed paths. Thanks for being you.

Bonus!! I LOVED that Whitney brought her mom's vintage wedding dress to her bridal shoot. Check out her precious boho bridals in her mom's dress below, just for fun!

Kelcey Johnson, Dallas Bridal Photography

When you have a stunning bride at a beautiful location it makes for pure bridal bliss. I adore this shoot with the lovely Kelcey May Johnson from the Mansion at Turtle Creek. Congrats to Kelcey and Bart who got married this past Saturday- their wedding post is coming soon!!

Kara + Vincent, Hawaii Wedding Photography

Aloha! Sometimes as a photographer, you're lucky to stumble across serendipitous opportunities and pure wedding magic. Kara and I grew up together in Lubbock and I was completely flattered when she asked me to be her photographer. When she mentioned her and Vincent's wedding would take place in Maui, I could't wait to document their special day in such an incredible desitnation. Between this beautiful couple and the Hawaiian paradise, I was in heaven everywhere I turned.

Allison, Houston Bridal Session

This lovely bridal session is one of my very favorites to date!! I drove to Houston a few weeks back to document Alli in all her stunning bridal bliss, and it was totally worth every minute on the highway with a 16 month toddler!! Allison and I were, you guessed it, KKG's together back in our college days and I just adore her. She got hitched in Vegas last night and I can't wait to hear about all the glitzy details!! Viva baby!

Sarah + Carter, second look

Sarah & Carter tied the knot this past February in OKC. You may recall it was a beautiful wedding and one heck of a party!! In lieu of bridal portraits beforehand, Sarah & Carter decided on a very clever "second look" post wedding option. I think this is a brilliant idea for traditional brides who oppose the "first look" idea and opt not to see your groom before the wedding on your big day. This option allows for the traditional wedding approach, yet enables you to document your newlywed bliss in your bridal attire without the stress of the wedding day. Carter played along (as every good groom should), dressing up alongside Sarah for a post wedding second look. I just love these two new friends and I'm obsessed with this idea.

Britton + Dori, Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are my new jam. I'm so incredibly grateful that Dori and Britton gave my husband Ryan (aka my favorite destination second shooter) and I the opportunity to travel to the Excellence Riviera Maya Cancun to document their beautiful wedding weekend. It was one of the most fun "work vacations" I've had yet, and I could certainly get used to the destination wedding scene. Dori and Britton are two peas in a pod and kept us on the edge of our seats the entire weekend. Britton and Ryan were best friends through middle school back in Midland so I had some idea of what we were getting into by having a front row seat to their wedding. Britton & Dori's last name is Butts and to give you a brief example of their hysterical sense of humor, you should know that they left their reception dancing to "I Like Big Butts"! They're two incredible people and it's always so refreshing to work with a couple who loves to have such fun on their big day. Thank you both for the opportunity of a lifetime! Hopefully this will be the kickstart to many more destination weddings to come.... I'm thinking Europe next.... any takers?!

And of course a big thanks to my favorite second shooter/hubby on this one. You made me real proud, love you!

Elizabeth, East Texas Bridal Photography

Words cannot describe the kind heart of this precious bride. Elizabeth and I were Kappas together in college and I was beyond thrilled to share in her joyous wedding day this past weekend in East Texas. I've been holding these beautiful images until today and now am proud to present the new Mrs. Ryan Baumgardner. You are a class act Elizabeth. Thanks for thinking of me to be part of your wonderful wedding. Sneak peek to come very soon!

Amanda Lubbock Bridal Photography

Well, hello 2013! You certainly snuck up on me!! 2012 was filled with more excitement than I could have imagined, and I fully intend to post a recap of all the wonderful blessings and adventures that it had in store. Life has become sweeter and business has certainly blossomed! I have continually been humbled and graced by each one of your friendships and support. The HAD&P 2012 recap will be coming soon, however until I get myself organized enough to dive into the year behind us, please brace yourself for the fresh faces of 2013. Meet Amanda:

I had a wonderful time celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Reid Lindsey in Lubbock this weekend and have been counting down the days until I could post this lovely bridal session. Amanda, I adore every detail of your bridal couture. You are certainly beautiful inside and out & I still can't believe we've been friends for upwards of 15 years. This session was made possible by the wonderful planning of Elisabeth Burrows & the absolutely beautiful home of Kelly Marble. Thank you both! Best wishes to my sweet childhood friend, you are truly loved by many!

Emily Bridals

This adorable bride was one of my KKG sisters at Tech and I just love her. She has such a captivating personality and not to mention the sweetest golden retriever. I don't know many brides who would trust their dog standing next to them in their wedding gown, but Emily was up for it! I'm excited to share these images now that she's tied the knot! Emily & Stephen I wish you all the best!!

Mrs. Goetz

I just came back across this little gem of a bridal session and realized I hadn't blogged it!! Elizabeth is such a fun and eclectic bride and I just love her taste. She has the coolest ring I've seen hands down, I just love it. Also, she wins the best bridal bouquet so far. The bold mix of colors makes me so happy, and we all have College Flowers to thank for that!! Elizabeth and Ben tied the knot back in March (you can see that post here) and have been living happily ever after since. Cheers to a beautiful bride and a very happy marriage.

Meet Mrs. Pender

I'm feeling like I've hit the photography jackpot with these past two beautiful brides!! Lane and I were Kappas together at Texas Tech, and both being from Lubbock were able to reconnect for her wedding photography!! I was SO flattered when Lane was interested in me shooting her bridals and wedding because I value her taste very much. She has always been so influential in Kappa and has such a fun group of girlfriends that I haven't seen since college, and had a blast with at her wedding. I've been very excited to share these amazing bridals we took in Dallas at the Mansion at Turtle Creek. Every inch of this lovely hotel revealed a new vignette to be photographed!! With my love of design and photography, this was one of my favorite bridal shoots so far!! We had a fabulous time with Lane's mom and sister who were there for moral support, but became my "go to" assistants! I cannot wait to share a sneak peek of Lane and Alan's wedding from this past weekend, but until then, enjoy meeting the new Mrs. Alan Pender.

Meet Mrs. Nahoum

I've been absolutely dying to share these ahhhh-mazing images with you guys since we took Lindsey's bridals a few weeks ago.... it's been so hard to keep it hush hush, until now! Meet the new Mrs. Jackson Nahoum. Lindsey and Jackson tied the knot this past Saturday night and I have so many phenomenal moments to share on their sneak peek coming your way soon. As for now, enjoy this stunning bride who is TRULY as sweet as she looks. A huge thanks to Kelly from College Flowers for providing his lovely home as our backdrop and the beautiful florals of course!

Meet Mrs. Stone

Meet the wonderful Mrs. Stone. Jenea & Caleb got married last February (check out their fabulous wedding post here) and are living the wonderful newlywed life in Ft. Worth, Tx. I'm SO thrilled that my hubby Ryan and I will be moving to Ft. Worth for his orthopedic surgery residency in May!! I have an entire "personal post" coming up to keep you all updated on our crazy lives with an upcoming move and a baby on the way any day now!! However, for now feast your eyes on this stunning bride. I'm always a beat behind on the blog, but I couldn't let this one slip me by. Jenea is truly one of the most thoughtful and kind people I know. I'm beyond words excited that we will most likely be living down the street from each other in cow town!! Enjoy this beautiful bride.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

The New Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vann

Meet my beautiful cousin (well second cousin) Megan. She and I obviously go way back (to birth basically) as our mom our cousins! Megan and I are just one year apart and as a result always gravitated towards one another at big family get togethers. She's blossomed into such a beautiful person in every aspect of the word, and I'm so flattered that she chose me to photograph this time in her life. Since she's been engaged I've gotten to see her three times in one year which is such a treat! I just love her new husband Michael, and am so pleased with who she picked to share her life with. Since I'm so behind on blogging, I'm giving you a two-in-one special.... a double whammy of sorts, so you can really get a feel for how adorable these two are. Stay tuned tomorrow, as I'll be posting highlights from their adorable College Station wedding.  Now for the new Mrs. Michael Vann's fabulous bridal session:

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Jamie Bridals

What better way to start 2012 than with a beautiful blushing bride! Jamie and I became acquaintances through my good friend & past co-worker Abby. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed our day together. She got married this past November in Austin, Texas and is now living there with her new husband. HAD&P wishes them a lifetime full of happiness together. Yay for fabulous brides, meet Jamie:

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

HAD&P featured on Midland Living cover

I'm so thrilled to share the news that HAD&P has been featured on the cover of Midland Living magazine!! Beautiful bride Megan Hale Trotter was a pristine pick for the winter 2011 edition & exudes bridal bliss throughout the issue. You may remember her bridal session from last spring, it's one of my favorites. A big thanks to everyone involved in the feature- it turned out wonderful and we are so excited to be a part of it all!!

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Traci + Bridal

Truly, this blog post needs no explanation, Traci Felton is one of the most beautiful and elegant people I know... however being the wordy writer that I am, I just can't skip over the high points of this exceptional bride. Traci and I have always been acquaintances, both growing up in Lubbock; however, in the past couple of months I've really gotten to know her better and have had a blast working with her! We've had fun scouting locations, going to dinner, & going over her pictures together. With a bride this gorgeous and with this much style, it's really hard to go wrong! I just love every place we shot. We started at my parents house (thanks mom) and then went downtown to First United Methodist, where she and Clay tied the knot last night! We ended at lake Ransom Canyon at her new in-law's house, which was phenomenal. You may remember Traci and Clay from their engagement session back in January. Best wishes to Traci & Clay for a life full of love, happiness, and really pretty babies! Enjoy.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.