Whitney, Dallas Bridals

Hands down, Whitney is one of the most thoughtful brides I've ever had the pleasure of working with. This sweet girl booked me a year before her wedding and within the past 12 months I feel like we have become more friends than colleagues. Whitney is such a genuine spirit and always goes out of her way to make sure I feel appreciated. She is no doubt my most organized bride and made each of our collaborations effortless and fun. I was honored to photograph her wedding this past weekend, and cannot wait to share the beautiful images soon!! Whitney, I'm so sad you're no longer a Texas girl, but I know we will stay in touch for years to come. You are a true joy and I'm so incredibly thankful we've crossed paths. Thanks for being you.

Bonus!! I LOVED that Whitney brought her mom's vintage wedding dress to her bridal shoot. Check out her precious boho bridals in her mom's dress below, just for fun!

Kelcey Johnson, Dallas Bridal Photography

When you have a stunning bride at a beautiful location it makes for pure bridal bliss. I adore this shoot with the lovely Kelcey May Johnson from the Mansion at Turtle Creek. Congrats to Kelcey and Bart who got married this past Saturday- their wedding post is coming soon!!

Kristi, Fort Worth Bridal Photography

I was so excited to photograph Kristi and all her bridal glory a few weeks back. She is a previous model and major fashionista. This girl's closet is insane and she rocks everything she wears regardless of label. Kristi is as sweet as she is beautiful, and gives bridal couture a whole new meaning. She married my cousin Chad this past weekend and we couldn't be happier to have her in the family. If you haven't seen their engagements, check them out here. They are the real life Ken and Barbie!!

The new Mrs. Sordini

They say in your lifetime you'll be able to count your best friends on one hand. Well Megan is my number one, my index finger, my numero uno. She is seriously my go to best friend whether rain or shine. We've known each other since 2nd grade and have been inseparable since. Well, actually that's not true. We've been separated by houses far apart during our childhood, different campuses in our college years, and different cities in our early adult years. In fact up until two months ago Megan and I never had proximity on our side and still managed to talk at least five times a week, sometimes even five times a day!! We have an understanding with one another and really treat each other more like sisters than friends.

We've always said we want to have kids near each other and own neighboring lake houses!! It seemed far fetched, but now that we are in the same town it may all just work out!! You can imagine our excitement when Ryan was placed at JPS in Fort Worth for his residency. Megan and I have never been so pumped!! We knew that living in the same town would mean actually shopping together instead of sending text pictures to ask if "these pants are dorky", and it would mean actually going out together instead of just the late night calls to ramble about how much fun our evenings had been. Truth be told, we're just best friends, period.

I was so honored to be the matron of honor at her charming Charleston, SC wedding. I would have LOVED to photograph the entire event, but knew that it was more important to sit back and sink in all the love and joy of the day first hand and not behind a lens. I did manage to sneak a few details of the day while we were getting ready and have shared them below. Megan asked me to take her bridals, which of COURSE I would never pass up. Megan has the most classic and timeless taste and I just love everything she selected from the dress to the venue to the man. Her sweet hubby Clayton is responsible for the Valentinos you see below.....he's knows a thing or two about making Megan a happy bride!! Love this couple and LOVE this sweet girl. Meet my best friend Megan Sordini.

Kellyn Bridals

Kellyn is one of my most beautiful brides. She is a West Texas girl at heart and now has completed her fairytale and married her cowboy prince at the beginning of this month. Their wedding was a beautiful and quaint Texas affair and I'm working diligently on the sneak peek- however to hold you over until the wedding post is complete, feast your eyes on the stunning Kellyn Taylor.

Life's a flash, captura accordingly.

Lindsey Bridal

Check out the beautiful newly married Lindsey Glasscock! She and her man got hitched a couple weeks back and make one cute couple, you may remember them from their adorable E-Session. I was so thrilled to share in their wedding day and plan to blog their big event this week!! For now, enjoy this beautiful blushing bride!!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Megan + Bridal

I'm so thrilled to share these bridal image with you guys... or maybe just my mom if she's the only one out there reading this! Megan Hale (newly Trotter) got married last weekend in Midland, Tx. I just love Midland weddings. They're always so classic, extremely fun, and a great chance to go home and visit Ryan's family. Megan and I go as far back as five years ago when she went on a family trip to Vegas with the Rowlands. It was a memorable trip to say the least and I truly fell in love with Megan's personality and sense of humor. My sister-in-law Taylor was the Maid of Honor in the wedding and has been Megan's best friend since the 7th grade. She was actually the reason Megan and Sean met! You may remember Megan and Sean from back in November when I posted their adorable engagement session. They are truly meant for each other and compliment one another perfectly. Best of luck to you Megan & Sean, I wish you all the happiness in the world! Life's a flash, capture accordingly.