Megan + Bridal

I'm so thrilled to share these bridal image with you guys... or maybe just my mom if she's the only one out there reading this! Megan Hale (newly Trotter) got married last weekend in Midland, Tx. I just love Midland weddings. They're always so classic, extremely fun, and a great chance to go home and visit Ryan's family. Megan and I go as far back as five years ago when she went on a family trip to Vegas with the Rowlands. It was a memorable trip to say the least and I truly fell in love with Megan's personality and sense of humor. My sister-in-law Taylor was the Maid of Honor in the wedding and has been Megan's best friend since the 7th grade. She was actually the reason Megan and Sean met! You may remember Megan and Sean from back in November when I posted their adorable engagement session. They are truly meant for each other and compliment one another perfectly. Best of luck to you Megan & Sean, I wish you all the happiness in the world! Life's a flash, capture accordingly.