Analisa + Bridal

Analisa & I met during our time at Tech and had fun running into each other at the occasional tailgates & TTU functions. She's good  friends to my good friend Shannon, who is also getting married this year! Crazy times we're all facing... I think it's safe to say, our lives have gone from late night studying & sorority parties to wedding functions & baby showers! I love all the different chapters that life has to offer though- especially my current chapter of entrepreneur. It's the days like the one I got to spend with Analisa in Amarillo, that I truly appreciate the fellowship my job has to offer. Being a photographer gave me a peek into Analisa's life, when I might not have otherwise gotten a front row seat! We had a blast during our session and started at her parents FABULOUS French-Country house. This toile wallpaper won my heart and the balcony I photographed her on is actually outside her childhood bedroom. I just love how those image show her, full circle, in the home & bedroom she grew up in. After a fabulous hour at her parent's house, we went to some fun stores downtown. The interior designer in me has decided one of my new favorites is the Mustard Seed, they were SO gracious to let us photograph in their beautiful shop... I spotted some fantastic chairs I want as "props"... who am I kidding, I want them for my HOUSE! We moved from there to the church Analisa got married in this past weekend & ended around sunset at the fabulous Pala Duro Club. This was one of my favorite sessions yet because of the adorable bride and fabulous locations! We packed quite a bit into our session, so I hope you enjoy!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.