Madeley Marie McDowell + Newborn

It's finally arrived! I'm an AUNT and there's NO going back. I've been awestruck by my new niece, Madeley, ever since she was born May 17th. She is the most perfect, precious, living thing in my world right now, (sorry Emma, but babies take precedence over dogs). Perhaps my special  bond with my new niece is all in my head, which seeing as how she's an infant with no way of developing any sort of attachment with anyone outside her mom and dad at this point, it probably is. BUT one of these days, when she needs some new Tori Burch shoes and those fabulous Stella & Dot earrings she'll be drooling over, her aunt Heather will get her then!! Yes, ma'am I plan on spoiling this one pretty rotten, it's just my nature! I was truly SO blessed to get to watch Madeley come into this world. Her amazing parents (my sister Ginger & her husband Brett) wanted her birth to be documented, and I was the lucky girl behind the camera! I was fortunate enough to capture some of the most incredible moments of her awaited arrival. I'm putting together a little something special for that post, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here are a few snap shots of Miss Madeley on her world debut. Hope you enjoy, I know I sure have!

Madeley at about 7 minutes old!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.