Ginger Maternity

My sister Ginger is going to be a mom in 10 days! In 10 days her life will go from peaceful evenings & bubble baths to sleepless nights & diaper rash. Yes, it's the final countdown to those sweet baby sounds, nursery rhymes, & little giggles which in turn means dirty diapers, endless feedings & tender nipples! All jokes aside, I'm elated about becoming an aunt. It's got all the perks of motherhood without the medical bills & temper tantrums. My sister and I are day and night. She's the practical stern one, and I'm the laid-back carefree one. I've always had a slightly more nurturing nature in comparison, so my family jokes that her kids will come crawling to my door for gummy bears & hugs.

Ginger & Brett are going to make the most amazing parents. I cannot wait to see the two of them raise an adorable little family in their adorable little town, Boerne (aka- Pleasantville). My mom, sister & I all had the most fabulous day taking Ginger's maternity pictures around Boerne's precious streets. We dipped into a mexican food restaurant for a few quick shots &  a couple of margaritas. Not alcoholic shots, photographic shots.... oh and don't worry...Ginger didn't get a margarita...the wonderful joys of pregnancy.

Ginger & Brett decided to have the gender of the baby be a surprise.... how fun right? WRONG. For someone as controlling as myself this past 9 months has been a roller coaster of it's a girl, it's a boy, NO! It's a girl? Tricky these surprises. I've decided the people that like surprises are obviously the ones that don't have to plan the nursery or the baby showers. Ginger asked me and my mom to decorate the nursery & boy has that been a task... Uh-Oh, I just said boy.... does this mean something? Nah- The day Ginger told me she was pregnant I said, "AHH!! I think it's going to be a girl on May 17th!". Come to find out, the due date is indeed May 17th, and the gender... we shall see!

I hope you guys enjoy these images as they are such a symbolic start to a new chapter in all our lives. That baby is going to rock our world & I can't wait. I love it already.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.