Chase: LCHS Senior

I love Chase Stewart!! He's the little brother to one of my best friends in the world, Nikki Richburg, and is seriously as sweet as he looks. Ever since I can remember I've wish I had him as a little brother. He's always so fun to be around & he adores his big sis. Chase, Nikki, & I all got together to take his senior pictures a few weeks back. The shoot was a total success apart from us getting chased off what looked like  an abandoned property by an enraged pitbull. Scary I know, but the location had fabulous artistic appeal & I thought it was worth a shot. Looking back I now know we could have actually gotten shot.... that abandoned shack was no doubt occupied by some very scary characters! Yikes. Chase is a senior at Lubbock Christian High School and plans to one day study Law. He is extremely bright & is a great guy to know. I wish Chase the best in his future , as I know it will be full of endless potential. With no further ado, meet Chase.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.