Braden, Fort Worth Senior

My cousin Braden is beautiful, fun and beyond talented & I can't even believe it is her senior year of high school here in Fort Worth! She is a triple threat when it comes to singing, acting, and dancing and she's on the hunt for the perfect college to cultivate her numerous talents. Remember this face, I promise you will see her again. Braden, I can't wait to watch what the world has in store for you. Love you!!


Amanda and I go way back.... well, way back to our Texas Tech sorority days where we were Kappa Kappa Gammas together. I was ahead of Amanda in school, so when I was placed as her "big sister" in the KKG house I was thrilled!! We were both part of the "Kappa Pickers" (a cute little KKG choir group) so we got to spend time during rush goofing off with sing-a-longs and guitars. Once we were officially coined as "big & little", we started hanging out even more. The night of our big sorority formal we went to dinner where I was shocked to find out that even though she was a grade below me, she was actually older than me!! Ha- so we determined that from that point on I would be her "big-but-equal-sister". Amanda called me a few weeks back to take her graduation pictures... We did the traditional cap & gown for the scrapbooks, but also did some portfolio type shots for fun... This girl needs to be a model, she's an absolute beauty!!

Enjoy the fabulous Amanda Sue...

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Chase: LCHS Senior

I love Chase Stewart!! He's the little brother to one of my best friends in the world, Nikki Richburg, and is seriously as sweet as he looks. Ever since I can remember I've wish I had him as a little brother. He's always so fun to be around & he adores his big sis. Chase, Nikki, & I all got together to take his senior pictures a few weeks back. The shoot was a total success apart from us getting chased off what looked like  an abandoned property by an enraged pitbull. Scary I know, but the location had fabulous artistic appeal & I thought it was worth a shot. Looking back I now know we could have actually gotten shot.... that abandoned shack was no doubt occupied by some very scary characters! Yikes. Chase is a senior at Lubbock Christian High School and plans to one day study Law. He is extremely bright & is a great guy to know. I wish Chase the best in his future , as I know it will be full of endless potential. With no further ado, meet Chase.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Alexa: FHS Senior

Alexa Grissom is an adorable senior at Frenship High School. We've known each other for quite some time, as I had the pleasure of working with her sweet mom, Shannon, when I was in high school at "1 Posh Place". It was a super cute interior design "home goods" store where Shannon & I were allowed to exercise our creativity with custom bedding, floral arrangements, & custom painted furniture. It was more of a fantasy land for me at that age, and Shannon & I had a great time working together in such a "posh" environment. We've kept in touch sporadically since, seeing each other at the occasional Tech tailgates & church run-ins, however this past month we've gotten to spend more time working together. Shannon hired me to help her with some custom millwork pieces in her kitchen. They're going to be pretty stellar, and I can assure you once the construction is completed, I will be blogging them. Shannon has great taste & we've had a blast collaborating on her kitchen together. In the meantime, her daughter Alexa needed senior pictures, so we set out a couple weeks ago to photograph the adorable senior on her future campus, Texas Tech. Enjoy.

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Michael Morris: CHS Senior

Meet Michael. He's a senior here in Lubbock at Coronado High School and is a fantastic tennis player might I add. I'm obsessed with his mom (and my new friend) Cyndy. My sweet friend Kate gave her my name to take her son's senior pictures, and next thing I knew we were at the shoot gabbing about all of our friends in common & had a date to keep in touch at the Funky Door :) Michael is off to play tennis on a scholarship at ACU. He is a very bright guy with a serious future in his sport. He's a name not to forget, meet Michael Morris:

life's a flash, capture accordingly.

Cade: Frenship Senior

As a Frenship High School alumni myself, I was so excited to get to meet Cade for his Senior pictures. I'm friends (and KKG sisters) with his adorable sister Madison, as she was the one that connected the dots for our photography session. They are a wonderful family & actually led me to meet one of my future brides that I'll be photographing here in Lubbock in June! So exciting :) I was in Midland the day before our session & driving through Lamesa I realized how many neat textures & opportunities there were for great "guy" shots. Jamie, Cade's mom, & Cade were troopers & went along with my creative A.D.D. as we went from block to block in Laaaamesa of all places. We got some great images of a great FHS senior! Enjoy. Life's a flash, capture accordingly.