Amanda and I go way back.... well, way back to our Texas Tech sorority days where we were Kappa Kappa Gammas together. I was ahead of Amanda in school, so when I was placed as her "big sister" in the KKG house I was thrilled!! We were both part of the "Kappa Pickers" (a cute little KKG choir group) so we got to spend time during rush goofing off with sing-a-longs and guitars. Once we were officially coined as "big & little", we started hanging out even more. The night of our big sorority formal we went to dinner where I was shocked to find out that even though she was a grade below me, she was actually older than me!! Ha- so we determined that from that point on I would be her "big-but-equal-sister". Amanda called me a few weeks back to take her graduation pictures... We did the traditional cap & gown for the scrapbooks, but also did some portfolio type shots for fun... This girl needs to be a model, she's an absolute beauty!!

Enjoy the fabulous Amanda Sue...

life's a flash, capture accordingly.