Chris + Shannon

Chris, Shannon & I go WAY back. Chris and I are practically brother and sister...and I mean that literally. We love each other but somehow manage to bicker like cats & dogs. When I transferred back to TTU from UT my Jr. year, I was instantly part of the "boys" club. It was Ryan (my now husband), Chris, Brady & me. We had the BEST time and I seriously considered writing a sit-com during those days. The things I saw and heard were pretty unimaginable, and I was thankful I was raised with a brother for preparation. You guys can only imagine how THRILLED I was when Chris started dating Shannon and I had a fellow lady in the group!! Shannon and I talked fashion in place of football which was a refreshing topic change from the normal meathead discussions I had become so accustomed to having! She was someone I could roll my eyes and laugh with and who definitely understood that it wasn't normal to drink an entire keg of  beer between 7 people in one day. Shannon is one of my favorite people in the world and I'm SO excited to watch her and Chris start their lives together. They are getting married this coming March, and it will be one heck of a celebration!! I can't wait! Love you guys!!

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