Meet Vanessa

I'm beyond thrilled to welcome sweet Vanessa to the office of HAD&P!! She is such a breath of fresh air and a complete joy to have around. She makes me want to be better in a multitude of ways and has already been such a wonderful influence.

In life we have our own selfish goals, business plans, & personal milestones that we stress about continuously. When is it right to have a baby? When can I buy that new lens I've been wanting? Do we need day care or should I cut back at work? When can I update my blog & website? Should I hire intern, a studio manager, an assistant?!....and How in this world do you find the right person?! I've spent countless hours praying and brainstorming over the future of HAD&P and what steps to take and when. I've been discussing the options with my husband and self proclaimed "business manager" and have continuously asked the Lord to open the door to opportunities that would help enhance the future of my life as a photographer and business owner. It is amazing how God arrives when you need Him most. He so intricately crafts the perfect plan and reveals it in His time. I've been truly amazed at what He has revealed involving my life as a photographer. He has given me the most incredible tools to explore this God-given talent of creativity and entrepreneurship. I've been so fulfilled being able to provide for my family in such a fun and meaningful way. I've been in awe as He's unveiled subtle parts to my plan throughout the past three years and this is just another chapter in it all.

Ryan and I had finally reached the decision to start looking for a part time employee to help me around the office, however I didn't know how to begin the hunt. I was torn about posting it to social media, as I really wanted someone very specific to help meet the growing needs of HAD&P. Before I could even stress over finding the right person, Vanessa sent me an email through my blog inquiry form interested in a position with HAD&P. It was as if she had read my mind and used words that depicted exactly what I wanted and needed in an office manager. I was shocked at how quickly this all came to be, and was skeptical to hire the first person that had reached out. I had hopes that this was no coincidence and turns out, it wasn't... it was truly God's handy work!! My first impression of Vanessa was too good to be true. We've been together a month already, and I've been in awe of her sweet natured personality. She is fun, ambitious, easy to teach, and has already taught me a few tricks of the trade!! She is honestly one of a kind and I'm so excited for our future as we continue to grow this amazing business together! Welcome sweet friend, you are such a blessing!



Some of you may remember by absolutely GORGEOUS sister-in-law, Taylor, from her portfolio building portrait session we did in Vegas back in the fall of 2010. Well she is still just as stunning and wanted to continue to diversify her portfolio this year. Luckily Ryan and I were in Ft. Worth for a few weeks in November and Taylor and I were able to schedule a fun "fashion inspired" shoot on the streets of cow town. Hope you enjoy!! life's a flash, capture accordingly.


Amanda and I go way back.... well, way back to our Texas Tech sorority days where we were Kappa Kappa Gammas together. I was ahead of Amanda in school, so when I was placed as her "big sister" in the KKG house I was thrilled!! We were both part of the "Kappa Pickers" (a cute little KKG choir group) so we got to spend time during rush goofing off with sing-a-longs and guitars. Once we were officially coined as "big & little", we started hanging out even more. The night of our big sorority formal we went to dinner where I was shocked to find out that even though she was a grade below me, she was actually older than me!! Ha- so we determined that from that point on I would be her "big-but-equal-sister". Amanda called me a few weeks back to take her graduation pictures... We did the traditional cap & gown for the scrapbooks, but also did some portfolio type shots for fun... This girl needs to be a model, she's an absolute beauty!!

Enjoy the fabulous Amanda Sue...

life's a flash, capture accordingly.


My cousin Braden is seriously the cutest thing ever. She's involved in almost everything her high school has to offer, but her main passion in life is acting. This girl has the most animated & captivating personality of almost anyone I know, yet still remains humble! She's quite the thespian and excels in every role she plays. She's my youngest cousin, and since I don't have a little sister I've always really valued our relationship. She lives in Ft. Worth, but was in town a couple weeks back and was interested in taking new head shots for her future career in acting. We had a blast during our quick session & I was so happy to contribute, after all, she's going to be famous one day! Her name is Braden Wilkerson, and she is truly a name to watch. Enjoy.

Amanda Maternity & Baby Shower

One of my closest friends, Amanda Schaefer, was blessed with becoming a mommy two weeks ago. She and husband David welcomed Ryker William Schaefer into the world on March 31st, 2011. He has been the most incredible blessing to them both and it's been amazing watching the two become parents together! It's such a reality check when your family & friends start having babies! I still feel like I have the mentality of a 10 year old on occasion, but then look up to find a business of almost a year, a husband of almost two, & precious dog-child of almost four! Oh and now I have an accountant, which I don't care who you are, that means you're old. Yep, I'm a full fledged grown up; I guess don't mind, after all I get to make (and break) my own rules! It's pretty fabulous. Amanda & I have had such a blast together planning Ryker's nursery & baby shower, taking her maternity pictures, & as of last week, Ryker's newborns! Amanda is a born fact, she leads our group Bible Study & is the glue that holds us all together. She takes each challenge in her life so graciously and shines a positive light on everything that comes her way. She is such an incredible person and is already making the most fantastic mom.

I took Amanda's maternity pictures just a couple of weeks before Ryker made his big debut. Also, I'm posting the invitation I made for her shower & some quick snapshots I took at her & David's baby shower. Oh, and scroll to the bottom to see a sneak peek of Ryker's newborn shots! Enjoy.

check out these ADORABLE onsies made by Emily Owen. She customs each one herself!! Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you her info.

Painting by Kyle Miller (for baby Ryker). He's a TTU medical student and ALSO an artist!! Check out more of his work at the Funky Door!

Oh, and here's a fabulous sneak peek of what's to come from Ryker's newborn session!! Can't wait to share more!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly


My best friend Megan recently got a precious white lab puppy from her boyfriend for Christmas. I've been itching to make my way down to Ft. Worth to meet miss Lily and finally got a chance to do so last week.... You see funny thing is, Megan and I desperately wanted to get litter-mates so we could have a brother & sister! We've both been wanting white labs, and I was SO excited when her boyfriend, Clayton, informed & swore me to secrecy that he was putting his side of the deal into motion as a Christmas surprise for Megan. I got giddy and instantly called my husband Ryan to beg for our pick of the litter.... haha, it's funny the difference between marriage and dating... I was quickly pulled back to earth when Ryan reminded me that we already had a perfectly good one-eyed lab at home that was plenty expensive and spoiled all on her own. I couldn't help but reflect back to when we first dated, and I would drop subtle hints as to what I wanted for Christmas.... like, telling him in October that David Yurman came out with some new earrings that I'd been saving for.... something random.... But now, as a relentless married woman, I begged and pleaded and got down-right pushy before Christmas telling him to get me the dog or else!! Well Christmas came and went with no white snow and no white puppy...SO you can imagine my excitement when I finally got to meet Lily for the first time last week! Lily met me at the door and got so excited she peed a little at the sight of her incredible Godmother and then yelped when I picked her up.  It was an emotional moment, just as I'd imagined.... I luckily had my camera with me, as I was there to shoot an engagement session of a precious couple in Dallas (more on that fun day coming soon!). Being the nostalgic memory sap that I am, I persuaded Megan into taking a few puppy  shots with her new bundle of joy.... haha, a "puppy newborn" session if you will.... Meet Lily!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly

Seriously Stunning

Brace yourselves... The photos below contain my seriously stunning sister-in-law, Taylor, and may take your breathe away :) All jokes aside, Taylor lives in Ft. Worth and last time we were in Vegas for a family vacation we (Taylor, me, and both our moms) took advantage of the beautiful ambiance and did a little mini "fashionista" shoot. It was fabulous to have 4 creative minds work together with such a gorgeous model and spectacular venue!! My mom, who dabbles in photography herself, was handy to have around for photog questions, while Susan was thumbing through high fashion magazines for ideas! We sipped cocktails (which let's face it, always helps with the creativity side of things) and had the BEST time. I'm so lucky to have such a cool family!

I've been on Taylor's case now for a good 6 months about pursuing a modeling career. Let's face it, the girls' got it. More than that though she is such a fun sister to have! I've never had a little sister so Taylor serves as my surrogate  "lil sis"... we like to leave the "in-law" part off! I'm going to make this one short and let the images speak for themselves. Leave Taylor some love on the comment section below!! Let's get this girl a career!

I've made you all wait for the full round of edits, but as promised, here they are- enjoy.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.


I must say- it sure is nice having beautiful people in your family to take pictures of during family vacations & holidays. I recently took some BREATHTAKING pictures of my gorgeous sister-in-law Taylor when we were on a fun "VegasVacation" a couple weeks back. Here is one of my favorites from the shoot: Don't think I'm crazy- I fully plan to post an entire update on ALL the amazing images from that day. It was like we played dress up and the stars just aligned! I'm still working on a few more edits from the weekend and want to complete the entire session before I post them all for you to see up here on the blog. In the meantime however I had another chance to steal a few shots of miss Taylor after our delicious Thanksgiving meal (thanks Susan & Grammy, fantastic cooking!). Taylor is working in Ft. Worth as a recruiter for a wonderful oil company... but see the only problem is, when you're THIS beautiful, people need to SEE you, not just hear you over the phone! My mother-in-law Susan and I have had big plans for Taylor's modeling career long before now, however we are finally getting a chance to start brainstorming her portfolio now that I've found myself in the photography  business. These things have a funny way of working out- and I love it. I totally believe in fate. Taylor is going to be famous....yup, I just decided :)

Enjoy these fun shots of Taylor after our Thanksgiving day feast in the fabulous Midland fall leaves.

Oh, and I threw in a couple shots of my sweet one-eyed pup Emma for fun!! I LOVE FALL!!

My sweet baby girl!

she loves fall too. Emma is smart- she practices restraint....something I'm currently working on...

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.