I must say- it sure is nice having beautiful people in your family to take pictures of during family vacations & holidays. I recently took some BREATHTAKING pictures of my gorgeous sister-in-law Taylor when we were on a fun "VegasVacation" a couple weeks back. Here is one of my favorites from the shoot: Don't think I'm crazy- I fully plan to post an entire update on ALL the amazing images from that day. It was like we played dress up and the stars just aligned! I'm still working on a few more edits from the weekend and want to complete the entire session before I post them all for you to see up here on the blog. In the meantime however I had another chance to steal a few shots of miss Taylor after our delicious Thanksgiving meal (thanks Susan & Grammy, fantastic cooking!). Taylor is working in Ft. Worth as a recruiter for a wonderful oil company... but see the only problem is, when you're THIS beautiful, people need to SEE you, not just hear you over the phone! My mother-in-law Susan and I have had big plans for Taylor's modeling career long before now, however we are finally getting a chance to start brainstorming her portfolio now that I've found myself in the photography  business. These things have a funny way of working out- and I love it. I totally believe in fate. Taylor is going to be famous....yup, I just decided :)

Enjoy these fun shots of Taylor after our Thanksgiving day feast in the fabulous Midland fall leaves.

Oh, and I threw in a couple shots of my sweet one-eyed pup Emma for fun!! I LOVE FALL!!

My sweet baby girl!

she loves fall too. Emma is smart- she practices restraint....something I'm currently working on...

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.