"Mom & Me" session

I LOVE MY MOM!! I'm sure all you reading this love your mama's too. That's why I've decided to post about the fun "mom & me" sessions I've been doing lately. I've done a couple of these in the past and have a few more booked for the next couple weeks. With all our mom's do for us it is a fun gift to give them something sweet for Christmas, birthdays, or MOTHER's DAY!! I sat in awe over Thanksgiving doing little side jobs in the kitchen as my mom mastered about 12 side dishes and a delicious turkey ALL on her own!! NOT to mention the incredible Thanksgiving breakfast she cooked for the fist half of our family the morning before. Our family was a little discombobulated this year for turkey day, but my mom didn't let that get in the way of making sure everyone she loved had a Thanksgiving meal. To top it off, after our big family meal, she froze portions to take to HER parents in Houston the next day, and then made more pies when she got there! Now that's a super mom if I've ever seen one. Enough of my fabulous mama and on to the next. My sweet friend Taylor and I both grew up in Lubbock. I have her dad to thank for my super straight teeth (well they would be straighter if I had worn my retainer like he suggested!)- he was my orthodontist! Taylor and I used to hang out during KKG chapter meetings when I transferred back to Tech. I just loved her because while I was doodling she was listening and would share any info I missed. In the meantime Taylor had the most ADORABLE little girl Maddi. She is the most incredible mom and has tackled going to nursing school while raising a baby. She is about to graduate this December and will be a full fledged nurse!! She called me up to take some fun "mom & me" pics of the two of them to share with her family & friends. I was so thrilled and we had a blast during our shoot. Hope you enjoy!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.