My best friend Megan recently got a precious white lab puppy from her boyfriend for Christmas. I've been itching to make my way down to Ft. Worth to meet miss Lily and finally got a chance to do so last week.... You see funny thing is, Megan and I desperately wanted to get litter-mates so we could have a brother & sister! We've both been wanting white labs, and I was SO excited when her boyfriend, Clayton, informed & swore me to secrecy that he was putting his side of the deal into motion as a Christmas surprise for Megan. I got giddy and instantly called my husband Ryan to beg for our pick of the litter.... haha, it's funny the difference between marriage and dating... I was quickly pulled back to earth when Ryan reminded me that we already had a perfectly good one-eyed lab at home that was plenty expensive and spoiled all on her own. I couldn't help but reflect back to when we first dated, and I would drop subtle hints as to what I wanted for Christmas.... like, telling him in October that David Yurman came out with some new earrings that I'd been saving for.... something random.... But now, as a relentless married woman, I begged and pleaded and got down-right pushy before Christmas telling him to get me the dog or else!! Well Christmas came and went with no white snow and no white puppy...SO you can imagine my excitement when I finally got to meet Lily for the first time last week! Lily met me at the door and got so excited she peed a little at the sight of her incredible Godmother and then yelped when I picked her up.  It was an emotional moment, just as I'd imagined.... I luckily had my camera with me, as I was there to shoot an engagement session of a precious couple in Dallas (more on that fun day coming soon!). Being the nostalgic memory sap that I am, I persuaded Megan into taking a few puppy  shots with her new bundle of joy.... haha, a "puppy newborn" session if you will.... Meet Lily!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly