Santa Fe

I was sick for an entire month, starting three days after Christmas, all the way into late January. I have since learned that if your husband comes to you on Christmas day and says, "I feel sick", and you say, "Oh come on, suck it up, it's Christmas", your health may face a rapid decline due to karma. Ryan got better after three days, right about the time I first showed symptoms of the dreaded flu.... I worked (aka, painted a custom furniture piece in a cold, windy & very dusty garage) through what I thought was the worst of it, and then told Ryan how I was pretty certain my pain tolerance was better than his.... 4 days later I was in the fetal position begging for hot tea and Robitussin. It was miserable and I was wrong.... In the meantime, my brother, his girlfriend Allison, Ryan & I had all planned a fun New Year's trip to Santa Fe. I felt sicker than a dog, and was pretty selfish to go, considering Sage and Allison would be subject to my germs in a petri-dish of a car for the 5 hour drive. However, I know my brother, and if I had backed out it would have been used as ammunition in future battles. So I packed a months worth of medicine and tissues and we headed to Santa Fe, NM. I'm SO glad we did! Everything from the drive there, to the extra night we decided to stay was full of fun and complete nonsense. The four of us seriously had the best time ever. I was experimenting with my camera's video capabilities while we were there and stayed up last night making a little amateur video of the trips recaps, just for fun. Go check it out if you get a chance. Happy 2011!!

Click to watch our Santa Fe New Year 2011!

And of course, here are a few random candids from the trip!


Life's a flash, capture accordingly.