Meet Vanessa

I'm beyond thrilled to welcome sweet Vanessa to the office of HAD&P!! She is such a breath of fresh air and a complete joy to have around. She makes me want to be better in a multitude of ways and has already been such a wonderful influence.

In life we have our own selfish goals, business plans, & personal milestones that we stress about continuously. When is it right to have a baby? When can I buy that new lens I've been wanting? Do we need day care or should I cut back at work? When can I update my blog & website? Should I hire intern, a studio manager, an assistant?!....and How in this world do you find the right person?! I've spent countless hours praying and brainstorming over the future of HAD&P and what steps to take and when. I've been discussing the options with my husband and self proclaimed "business manager" and have continuously asked the Lord to open the door to opportunities that would help enhance the future of my life as a photographer and business owner. It is amazing how God arrives when you need Him most. He so intricately crafts the perfect plan and reveals it in His time. I've been truly amazed at what He has revealed involving my life as a photographer. He has given me the most incredible tools to explore this God-given talent of creativity and entrepreneurship. I've been so fulfilled being able to provide for my family in such a fun and meaningful way. I've been in awe as He's unveiled subtle parts to my plan throughout the past three years and this is just another chapter in it all.

Ryan and I had finally reached the decision to start looking for a part time employee to help me around the office, however I didn't know how to begin the hunt. I was torn about posting it to social media, as I really wanted someone very specific to help meet the growing needs of HAD&P. Before I could even stress over finding the right person, Vanessa sent me an email through my blog inquiry form interested in a position with HAD&P. It was as if she had read my mind and used words that depicted exactly what I wanted and needed in an office manager. I was shocked at how quickly this all came to be, and was skeptical to hire the first person that had reached out. I had hopes that this was no coincidence and turns out, it wasn't... it was truly God's handy work!! My first impression of Vanessa was too good to be true. We've been together a month already, and I've been in awe of her sweet natured personality. She is fun, ambitious, easy to teach, and has already taught me a few tricks of the trade!! She is honestly one of a kind and I'm so excited for our future as we continue to grow this amazing business together! Welcome sweet friend, you are such a blessing!