Amanda Maternity & Baby Shower

One of my closest friends, Amanda Schaefer, was blessed with becoming a mommy two weeks ago. She and husband David welcomed Ryker William Schaefer into the world on March 31st, 2011. He has been the most incredible blessing to them both and it's been amazing watching the two become parents together! It's such a reality check when your family & friends start having babies! I still feel like I have the mentality of a 10 year old on occasion, but then look up to find a business of almost a year, a husband of almost two, & precious dog-child of almost four! Oh and now I have an accountant, which I don't care who you are, that means you're old. Yep, I'm a full fledged grown up; I guess don't mind, after all I get to make (and break) my own rules! It's pretty fabulous. Amanda & I have had such a blast together planning Ryker's nursery & baby shower, taking her maternity pictures, & as of last week, Ryker's newborns! Amanda is a born fact, she leads our group Bible Study & is the glue that holds us all together. She takes each challenge in her life so graciously and shines a positive light on everything that comes her way. She is such an incredible person and is already making the most fantastic mom.

I took Amanda's maternity pictures just a couple of weeks before Ryker made his big debut. Also, I'm posting the invitation I made for her shower & some quick snapshots I took at her & David's baby shower. Oh, and scroll to the bottom to see a sneak peek of Ryker's newborn shots! Enjoy.

check out these ADORABLE onsies made by Emily Owen. She customs each one herself!! Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you her info.

Painting by Kyle Miller (for baby Ryker). He's a TTU medical student and ALSO an artist!! Check out more of his work at the Funky Door!

Oh, and here's a fabulous sneak peek of what's to come from Ryker's newborn session!! Can't wait to share more!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly