The McDowell Family + 1

As you all know, I'm an aunt now, and obviously loving every moment! I blogged Madeley's newborn session a couple weeks back and promised you more to come.... well here it is...more sweet moments of miss Madeley's birthday! I wasn't going to blog all the intimate details, because there are some things in life that are better left private, but proud parents (and grandparents) have given me permission to share this adorable little video & some candids of the week Madeley was born. Don't worry, I've screened images appropriately! Here's a brief peek of the absolute joy that we all got the pleasure of experiencing a few weeks back. Follow this link to view the (very amateur) video. I'm still a "newby" with the video on my camera, but find these little video montages quite addicting when it comes to capturing family memories. Hope you enjoy these moments of the most precious new addition to our family!!

Click here to see Madeley's Birthday Video!

We have yet to finish decorating the nursery, however the rocker Ginger is sitting in above is our Nanny's rocker that she AND my dad were rocked in as babies. So precious.

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.