Lindsey + Colton = Engagement

Lindsey and Colton are  a fabulous match. I actually went to high school with Lindsey (many moons ago) and although we were never in the same class, we still managed to keep in touch all these years! I was so flattered when she asked me to be part of her wedding & all that it entails. I've had fun getting to spend more time with her during our Olive Garden dates and various shoots. The day of our engagement session when I met her fiance Colton, I mentioned to him that I might call him Clayton on accident. My best friend dates a "Clayton" and it just seemed to fit. After being completely immersed in my camera & working through the technical aspects of the shoot, I looked up and sure enough said "Clayton, can you move to the left". After that it was a self fulfilling prophecy and my mind block was set in stone. I referred to him as Clayton 3 more times, and after my inadequate name calling he finally played back calling me Hannah. I was ok with it and admired the quick whit. So "Clayton", I promise to get it right on your wedding day, thanks for putting up with me and my shenanigans. You guys are great and I had a blast during our shoot!!

Life's a flash, capture accordingly.