Cori + Josh

I had an blast with Cori & Josh during their engagement session a couple weeks back. Josh has a house near Lake Allen Henry so we decided to meet in Post, Texas. We captured some cute small-town shots then ventured out to the lake. Once we were in the blazing heat and all dressed up, we found ourselves wishing we had our bathing suits, a boat, and a cooler of beer. I was so pumped when Cori mentioned the lake, because even just seeing water was a treat in this awful drought! These two are set to get married in Amarillo this December for a beautiful winter wedding. It's so funny, because Cori was good friends with some of my good friends growing up, and finally we put 2 & 2 together at the end of our shoot and discovered the connection! Everyone in Texas is somehow connected I swear, and I'm happy to now be connected to this adorable couple! Meet Cori & Josh. Life's a flash, capture accordingly.