Traci + Bridal

Truly, this blog post needs no explanation, Traci Felton is one of the most beautiful and elegant people I know... however being the wordy writer that I am, I just can't skip over the high points of this exceptional bride. Traci and I have always been acquaintances, both growing up in Lubbock; however, in the past couple of months I've really gotten to know her better and have had a blast working with her! We've had fun scouting locations, going to dinner, & going over her pictures together. With a bride this gorgeous and with this much style, it's really hard to go wrong! I just love every place we shot. We started at my parents house (thanks mom) and then went downtown to First United Methodist, where she and Clay tied the knot last night! We ended at lake Ransom Canyon at her new in-law's house, which was phenomenal. You may remember Traci and Clay from their engagement session back in January. Best wishes to Traci & Clay for a life full of love, happiness, and really pretty babies! Enjoy.

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