Amy-Rose King, as sweet as her name sounds.

This is a quick one, but I just wanted to thank Amy-Rose King for taking her precious time to interview me a couple weeks ago (I'm obviously behind on blogging!). Amy is seriously an inspiration to me in so many ways. Yeah yeah, I know people say this a lot, but I really mean it with this girl. We met at Starbucks two weeks ago to talk shop, and later found ourselves almost 3 hours into a conversation much deeper than photography. Oh, but let me back track to the start of our little date. I'm running 7 minutes late (a sad but very constant signature trait of mine) and rushed into a spot right off the main street running parallel to Starbucks (Milwaukee for you Lubbockites). I'm feeling cute in my new Zara blazer, skinny jeans, and black pleather boots (buy one pair, get one free at Charlette Rouse!). I rush out of my car and slip on the only patch of ice left un-thawed in the parking lot and COMPLETELY bust on the pavement! The only pain I felt was that of my ego, and it hurt. Not knowing if anyone caught a glimpse, I laughed awkwardly to myself and walked inside hoping Amy hadn't seen. Let's face it, being 5'10 (and walking in cheap plastic boots) comes with some serious coordination issues. Luckily Amy didn't see me bust, but when I reached out to shake her hand and had gravel impaled in my palms...I had to fess up. Telling her of my fall actually "broke the ice" for our interview!

I fell in love with Amy after the first 10 minutes. She is cool, calm & collected without being intimidating. She was sweet to share tips and tricks of the trade and even offered to shoot a wedding with me in Fredericksburg coming up in the spring. I'm so excited to learn from her, especially on the wedding circuit. One of her best friends Ashley Rodgers, who I've gotten the pleasure of knowing (and love) through my brother with their previous pole-vaulting ties, met up with us for some caffeine and conversation as well. Both of these photographers have incredible work and better yet, are just fun girls to be around. Check them out: Amy-Rose King Blog, Amy-Rose King Website, & Ashley Rogers blog

Also, see my interview with Amy-Rose on her blog. Be sure to peruse around the other Lubbock photographers while you're at it, this town has some serious talent. You will be amazed with Amy's work and the talent she displays through her blog. Not to mention she's a mom and works part time at the hospital! Seriously? I'm tired just thinking of her work load, and to 'crown' it all (yes, that's her logo and I'm forcefully using it as a pun), she makes time to interview AND photograph new photographers to introduce them to the local photography market... she is a true JEWEL! Thanks so much Amy :)

Photograph by Amy-Rose King