Baby J-Gray

Ok, I know I talk about baby fever on my blog enough to make everyone think I'm actually getting it.... truth is- it's not my fault. You spend an afternoon with the most handsome, adorable, sweetest, loving baby in the world and tell me if you don't get a slight bit of baby fever as well! Meet John Grayson Zachry.

Mom: Allison Zachry- beauty, brains, amazing faith, fabulous mom, personality, SHE has it all.

Dad: Casey Zachry- good looking, smart, athletic, full of faith, fun loving, HE has it all.

They are both engineers and have been married I believe for three years now. They are parents to the cutest baby on the plant, Grayson, and are currently living happily ever after. They live in Midland (home town of my husband) and when we visit his family they are a regular stop we make! Recently Alli asked me to help her with some design decisions around her house, and I was VERY willing! Allison has spectacular taste (and it always helps when the designer and client have similar styles!) The Zachry's house is full of warmth. Seriously as cheesy as this sounds, they are straight out of a novel. The picture perfect family and the perfect house to match! Grayson's baby nursery (I believe) was even featured in a local Midland magazine. Makes you wonder why she needs me right? Casey & Allison are some of mine and Ryan's best friends in the world. No matter how long we go without seeing them, it doesn't take much to catch right back up. Now that they have Grayson, I feel like I've been visiting more frequently! Babies change too fast, so we just have to visit more often I suppose :)

Last time I was there I stole Grayson for a miniature 20 minute session to get some festive fall pics.  Enjoy!

life's a flash, capture accordingly