Happy Birthday to Rhett

Where has the time gone? How is this sweet baby of mine already one year old?! I can successfully say that the past year of our lives has been the most fun-filled, action-packed & meaningful 12 months ever. This precious baby boy has taken our world and shaken it up to mean so much more. I've never felt so fulfilled and happy as I am being a mom to this amazing little man. Rhett, being your mommy is the most challenging and exciting job I've had yet. You are the happiest kid I know and I'm convinced, the most energetic human on the planet. You say mama, dada, ball, bye bye, & oooohhhhhh a lot; you love baths (especially with your cousin when you can have splash attacks). You are in the 99th percentile for height; the 95th percentile for weight; and your head is still a tater tot at the 93rd percentile. You are 25.11 lbs and I'm really ready for you to walk because I can barely carry you. I'm convinced you know how, because we have plenty of video proof, but I think you like tricking us so we carry you everywhere. The doctor thinks you'll be drafted by the Cowboys, but your dad is hoping for the Broncos; regardless, we can't hope for either until you start walking. You are a mover and a shaker and changing your diaper is like wrestling a small alligator. You've fallen off the bed once (my bad) and bumped that rather large (but very cute) noggin of yours a number of times. You love to "answer the phone" and sing "la la la". You enjoy food like your mama and when it's something really tasty you love to dance in approval. You look like your dad, my dad, and your great G-Dad (which is a fantastic combo) and I'm very grateful for your sweet personality. Your daddy and I are beyond proud of you and not a day goes by where we don't thank our lucky stars you're all OURS! We celebrated your first birthday party in style. When your name is Rhett Rowland, you have to have a "Railroad" themed birthday party! We had a blast celebrating the first year of your life with our closest friends, family, sweet neighbors, new friends & old. You had about 50 people to sing you happy birthday and then you got to dig into a smash cake all to yourself. We are beyond thankful to both of our families for helping us prepare for this big day. You are very loved sweet boy.

You are my world sweet boy! Love you.