Madeley & her many hats

Things have been so busy on the work front lately that I've noticed I haven't been sharing my favorite things on the blog as much- my fabulous FAMILY!! My favorite new member, Madeley, is my precious niece. My sister Ginger & her husband Brett really hit the jackpot with this kid. You may think I'm lying or being a partial aunt, but she is as close to perfect as any baby could be. She RARELY cries, is always smiling, and has never met a stranger. This past weekend she had the entire section of every restaurant we ate at wrapped around her finger. She's a doll and I'm SO glad I can call her my niece!! You may remember her big debut into the world back in May. If not, you should check out this blog post and be sure and watch the video if you have a minute.... maybe it's because I'm pregnant and it's my family, but it still makes me cry every time!!! I love this kid and I'm already feeling sentimental seeing how much she has changed in the past 9 months. My mom has gone into full grandmother mode and picked up knitting. Between my mom and her friends, Madeley has a hat for every occasion!! Here is a brief recap of the divine miss Madeley Marie McDowell.