Bailey Ladies

I met Dwayna when I underwent an elaborate hunt to find a hair dresser that could do my hair for our wedding. Seeing as how I had never been happy with an up-do since 8th grade (including 9th-12th grade homecomings AND proms.. I mean having a small head is tricky...) this was quite a task. A mutual friend referred Dwayna and said she was great.... So it was on.... I would test her with my bridal portrait and see how it went....well she MORE than thrilled me with what she came up with!! I was SO pleased at the way she made my hair look- it was classic and simple and went right along with the theme of our wedding. I fell in love with Dwayna and have been going to her ever since. She is an amazing person and I always learn a little something from her during our 3 hour appointments once every 2 months :) Oh! One more thing, she sells Arbonne and it's amazing, hit her up if you need some!

Dwayna's masterpiece! Photo by Kristin Bednarz

I was very flattered when Dwayna called me for two projects, a graphic design job and a portrait session with her and her daughter Sarah. We had SUCH a blast at the Funky Door where we started our shoot. We ended up out in the country on my parents land for some wintery outdoor field shots. These pictures were to be a surprise for their family for Christmas so I figure now it's safe to blog! Meet Dwayna & Sarah, beautiful mother & daughter!!

Here's a quick look at the graphic I designed for her

life's a flash, capture accordingly.