Gage Family Pictures

Since I can remember these two sisters have been SUCH a hoot. I cheered with both of them through high school...I couldn't help but have flash backs of the fun they brought to the cheerleading squad when I was with them a couple of weeks ago for our shoot. Whitney contacted me a while back to take pictures of her sister & husband for her mom's Christmas present this year. We searched for dates and could finally squeeze a session in around Thanksgiving. Don't worry, I already asked the two if I could blog the pics before Christmas and they seemed quite certain that their mom wouldn't see the post... So if anyone knows Mrs. Gage, keep it on the DL! She knows we took pictures for her Christmas surprise, she just doesn't know how super cute her kids look in them! We had so much fun the day of our shoot, groups like this are always pretty entertaining- I just love sibling dynamics. Makes me feel right at home :) Mika brought her boyfriend along for a couple of shots as well. I'm so happy with how they turned out and think they will make a very Merry Christmas present for their sweet mama! Enjoy! Life's a flash, captures accordingly.